I’m on my way

Originally when I began this blog, it was with a germ of an idea in mind to support my writing endeavours and help me to learn a style which appeals to an audience, then to strengthen and maintain this ability.

This all ties in with my current ‘dream’ job.

I’m near the end of a 2 year diploma at our local agricultural college and will end up with a qualification in ornamental fish management (ornamental fish, whether in ponds or tanks, being something I’ve been keen on since I was a youngster). A talk from a rep from one of the big aquatics brands gave me cause to believe that there is an increasing lack of interest in the hobby from children.

I decided that a great way to get children into the hobby would be to create a magazine with articles, hints, tips, how-to’s and the like. Nothing like this currently exists in the market, and as a child I would’ve loved that kind of thing.

Having done a small research study on the current offerings in the magazines/children/animals market, I am convinced that such a niche has not already been filled.

However, with no writing credential to my name, I set about trying to gain some, partly through writing this blog, and partly through writing and submitting articles to a couple of industry magazines.

One was accepted last year and published in a magazine which subsequently went bust and got bought out. Boo, hiss.

Later in 2012, a test-and-review product collaboration with a company called Seneye, who specialise in an aquarium monitoring system, left us with an article but no place to go. They broke it down and put it on their website, then asked my permission to tweak it slightly and submit it for publication.

Very generously, this was done under my name, and I was thrilled today to get photos of the article (because I haven’t been to a large magazine store yet this week to get it) in Marine Habitat Magazine .
So yay. There I am! In print. For the second time. Huzzah!

In other news, I spent a wonderful (if messy and smelly) afternoon in the sun with a friend, jet-washing filthy bio-media from a big tilapia tank, shouting, hooting, laughing and creating vitamin D like crazy. Then on the drive home, windows were waaaay down, the sun was pouring in, the music was up and my carshare friend went nuts, grinning out the window to wave his hands at people and shout “Blurblurblelurblurbleurble” at them to make them jump. Silly, childish, awesome.

15 thoughts on “I’m on my way

  1. I know what you mean – these things which feel good and as if they fit, yet would not have happened without the preceding events and effort. I have a stepping stones theory there – I am who I am because of the things which have shaped me.

    It definitely can be – reality and our experience of it is to be taken head-on and at a run. I may be a stoic, but that doesn't mean I can't try to change how things are.


  2. excellent reality has a way of (being created) but (it) insists that it looks like how things would have turned out…. which we know it *so* not the way it works.

    very cool to hear from people who are demonstrating the (sometimes considered a little strange) view that reality is malleable, provided we take the right (but so difficult) approach to getting there


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