7 Quick Takes #26 x FTSF

Finish the Sentence Friday

This week’s prompt is I thought I was so cool when I…

Which is a toughie, as I am not now, nor have I ever been cool. 

I’ve always been kind of a dork, and sometimes, in some ways, I’ve embraced that. I’ve never needed to worry about keeping up with the ins and outs of the popular people, because they were always irrelevant to me and my friends. I buy clothes in uncool shops on purpose so that in 10 years time when I’m still wearing them (oh yes I am!) they’re as ‘in’ as they ever were.

I save a fortune on magazines, not having circles of friends who wish to discuss the ins and outs of the lives of this or that celebrity. I never felt the peer pressure to smoke, drink to excess each weekend or take any illegal substances (no-one bothered to pressure me) so I’m without those habits.

As a teenager I didn’t have to invite loads of people round to sleep-overs and parties and spend lots of money keeping them happy, because I was never invited to theirs and they didn’t want to come to mine. 

I had a few, close friends, and we were just fine. 

We were genuine and real with each other. We rarely fell out over silly things.

We didn’t have to panic about make-up and boys, because that was never going to happen, so we just enjoyed life.

I never had to put up with weekends filled with ear-wrenching, underage clubbing in too-tight clothes and crippling high heels in order to see how many equally desperate, grubby blokes I could snog so as to compare notes with the group on Monday. Later on in teenage years, I also avoided the various fallouts casual sex can have, simply by staying home with a movie, maybe with a friend, and not having any.

I got to sleep later in the mornings because I never had to get up in time to do makeup or hair or find the perfect outfit.

I could eat pretty much what I wanted because there was no need to watch my figure obsessively – what’s a little fat between friends?!

I could do (and still do) things like roll down hills; paddle in the sea with stubbly legs; run like a mad thing along the beach, arms and legs flailing; skip down the high street hand in hand with my bezzie, not caring who saw us; sing at the top of my voice in the car to the radio; play in mud; eat chips; make funny faces at babies; sing to Niece and Neff round the shops; have amazing Superhero fights with them in public; have fun.

I had my fair share of being slightly resentful about not being cool, but in the end, I’m thankful that I wasn’t – I would’ve missed out on so much awesomeness and had so much more to regret. 

— 2 —

Talking of my bezzie, we’ve just had an amazing conversation about ways to train our brains away from problem foods (yes, a little fat between friends doesn’t matter, but you have to draw the line somewhere, right?). She came up with the idea of re-naming the foods we each love as something unappealing in a bid to ‘unhook’ from the unhealthy relationship with that thing.

For her it’s chocolate, and collectively we came up with ‘lardolate’, ‘blubberlate’, and the clear winner ‘fatarseolate’.

My ‘problem’ food is crisps. I rarely have them (probably less than once a week (that counts as ‘rarely’, right?)) but when I do, if there’s anything larger than a standard-portion-sized packet, I will be in there like yolk in egg. While there are still crisps, I will still be nomming. I just don’t have an ‘off’ switch for the things!

We got to deciding an alternative for crisps (which is harder than you might think, with the triple consonant at the end, which rapidly turns into a quadruple with most words) and after ‘fatsps’, ‘crapsps’ and ‘flabsps’ we settled on ‘chinsps’ – as in, gives you extra chins!

Definitely worth avoiding.

— 3 —

I’m cautiously optimistic about how Spring’s going here. We hit double figures (celcius) two days in a row. I know it’s a terribly English thing, to obsess about the weather, but if I don’t see some unbroken days of sun soon, I may develop a case of SAD.

— 4 —

Had a wobble last night.

We’ve been going to bed later and later and last night was no exception. I pondered that perhaps actions speak louder than words and maybe we don’t want a baby all that badly.

Except we do.

So some further probing of the old brain showed some pretty deep-rooted anxiety that if we do conceive, I’ll miscarry a third time. And we’ve 4 months (most likely) before they change Husby’s meds and render him infertile. So I was withdrawing into a little shell of ‘if we don’t try, we won’t have a child, but at least we won’t lose another one’.

Perhaps not a sensible shell, but nonetheless, that’s what I did.

Having talked to my sensible best friend, about the options (baby, miscarriage or nothing) I have come to the conclusion that if we try, we’ll have a 2 in 3 chance of having a child (either here or in Heaven) and if we don’t try, we’ll have a 1 in 3 definite of nothing.

It’s a no-brainer put like that – we’ll try. I’m just not sure how I feel about it.

Sadly with the deadline of infertility looming ever larger, there’s not really time to do any ‘getting over’ losing two babies before trying to get on with making the next one.

Gotta love life, ey.

— 5 —
Nothing a dose of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ won’t cure, surely.

— 6 —

In the spirit of keeping things all groovy, nature-ful and spreading sunshine, rainbows and lollipops for a good cause, Marks and Spencer is hosting a Big Beach Clean Up from the 22-28 April. Check here to join in. You can also get a £5 M&S voucher (though admittedly you have to jump through their hoop to redeem it, but you could always join in out of the goodness of your heart)

— 7 —
So while I worry about food, fat and infertility (it almost alliterates), take time to spare a thought for those with actual problems, like Violetta and Gretchen (and the other Reece‘s Rainbows kids) and for the families they might never have, but will if enough people get them noticed and *just the right person* hears about them.

See you next week.

Lovely Violetta
Sweet Gretchen
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26 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes #26 x FTSF

  1. Quite possibly, though that was still in the days when 'cool' was measured by everyone else. Now I'm golden, through a combination of self-confidence and utter ignorance. Thanks for the well-wishes. I hope one day I can report good news on the baby front!


  2. Thanks.

    And at least you could run! Hehehe. Still, we all go through what we go through and end up where we are now, which is usually not too bad if we've done some learning along the way.


  3. It's funny how our definitions of cool can change over the course of our life. All those things you missed out on are surely the markings of what a lot of young people find cool. Once we move out of that phase it seems like self assurance, conviction, and marching to the beat of our own drummer is what makes a person cool. Seems as if you just skipped ahead to a more authentic cool. Good luck with your future pregnancy.


  4. thank you anyway… I do have one more Wakefield Doctrine DocTee (from the last run) if you would like one anyway, I would be happy to send you one. Will need you to email me the mailing address (the email address on these Comments is probably the best approach.


  5. As my siblings were forever (and still) pointing out, I would have been the biggest nerd of all if it weren't for my ability to run fast. I was friends with the uncool, and still find them to be the most fun kind of people.
    Your new words for foods was cracking me up.
    And you know I'm praying.


  6. Closest I can find is from 'The Sweet Sunny South'. It's not the same rhythm though so I guess I'm outta luck.

    Take me back to the place where the orange trees grow
    To my plot in the evergreen shade
    Where the flowers from the river's green margins did grow
    And spread their sweet scent through the glade


  7. Thanks. I think it will do, and a near implausible amount of good fortune!

    You've got me trying to imagine how it's possible to be uncool ahead of time! Just think, though, you will develop (in your Son's eyes) into the coolest guy in the world, at least until he's 10 or so 🙂


  8. Thanks. It's one of those little acknowledged but near universal things I think.

    I guess cool people are why there are films like 'Mean Girls' out there. It's kind of like the middle class – once you've got it, you're instantly terrified you're going to lose it, so you become a total bore about it.


  9. Heheh thanks. I've heard of the Grateful Dead but never heard their stuff. Google is your friend in this instance, I feel. I tried, but you would not believe how many Grateful Dead songs with the word 'sweet' in them!


  10. Lots to think about on this post. I have always been ahead of my time, so am perpetually uncool, but I have accepted that. Good luck with point 4. I can't say I know what that feels like, but it sounds like it takes a certain amount of bravery.


  11. I had a brief introduction to cool – and it's overrated. Some of those people are downright mean. I much prefer my uncool self. And my uncool clothes. Indeed, what is a little fat between friends? Loved this at the end – “I had my fair share of being slightly resentful about not being cool, but in the end, I'm thankful that I wasn't – I would've missed out on so much awesomeness and had so much more to regret.”
    Sorry to hear about your pregnancy losses. I've experienced one as well. Sending you lots of warm wishes for the next one.


  12. “…about food, fat and infertility (it almost alliterates)”

    Thanks *a lot*!
    There is a Grateful Dead song that has a line that matches that rhythm so much, that I wanted to write it in this Comment. Trouble is I have never been a fan of the Dead, and so I am stuck with the line from a song that I cannot remember the title to…hell I can't even remember more than two words, I do have a sense of the melody, (fat lot of good that does me in this medium).
    I will send you a Wakefield Doctrine DocTee if you can identify the song.

    Clue: ''(something) (something) sweet (something) and…(something).
    I enjoyed your Post today.


  13. I love your post. I am not cool either – never have been. I actually think that being uncool is the coolest thing about me. I have managed to surround myself with lots of other uncool (yet awesome) people. I wish you tons of luck on your pregnancy/adoption path. I wish you nothing but success and happiness. Hope to see you next week!


  14. I think our wires are crossed – I'm not Reece – the organisation is. I'm Lizzi – nice to meet you properly 😛

    Cool is overrated these days. I've got to a place where I just think “Nah, life's too short!”


  15. First of all, being cool is overrated. I am like you- definitely NOT cool. Second, best of luck to you. I had two losses in a row before finally getting pregnant with my youngest daughter. Sending you the best…


  16. Reece, I was never all that cool myself, but liked to think I was and think I probably would have been better off as you put if I just didn't worry about it, because now at this age I don't and truly in such a better place for it. Thank you as always for linking this up with us!! 🙂


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