I’ve taken the Bloglovin plunge


Here’s hoping this all comes right! I’m still figuring it all out.


Oh my days! It wants to link to Facebook! Well here’s a brand spanking new page for it to deal with!

If you’re sufficiently out of trend that you still Facebook and you fancy joining up, here’s a link.

Also, if anyone ever asks, I’ve taken these buttons from a free site and Fabulous Blogging’s tutorial as well as a brilliant free image mapping tool over at Image Maps.com  to get it all sorted. I now just need to host the image here before I can rig the HTML, so here goes nothing…wish me luck!

This is also my random dump for buttons I come up with which need hosting *someplace*

I Want Backsies
Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
It’s time for the 25th TToT
Please join our hosts so
Everyone's favourite Pig Wrangler Who do you want to be today? Clark? Scott? Roger? She's loving the Sunny side of life Cloudy with a chance of poetry Purveyor of brain-candy, beautiful words and dorky pictures Nutty as a bloody fruitcake! Our Bardic WIZARD, and mascot The Skipenator She'll bake you a mountain of thankfulness What the L? She's deranged! Our very adorkable warrior Image Map
Sisterwives Molecule
Jessica sidebar

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