Time to jam

I had a gorgeous couple of hours earlier with Neff, Niece and Youtube.

In this modern, digital age, I don’t know if I’m proud or horrified that, at the tender ages of 5 and 3, I am helping to instil in them a love of the ‘tube. I confess to being a complete addict – get me going on fail videos, ‘people are awesome’ videos, ‘how it’s made’, Man v Food, Just for Laughs Gags or America’s Funniest Videos and you’ll probably have lost me for several hours.

You know the kid who died of renal failure from playing World of Warcraft too long? That’s me on Youtube. I have to be bouncing up and down in my chair, doing the wee-wee dance and sometimes even be told by Husby to Put. The. Youtube. DOWN for a moment, before I’ll go.

There’s always one more video

I love it.

So when Neff showed me his ‘cool music’ on his Mum’s phone this morning and I realised that the poor kid is in severe danger of picking up her taste (Bruno Mars, Metallica, Olly Murs) I knew I had to do something. Cue some Aunty intervention and he has successfully begun the process of re-education with Paolo Nutini, Queens of the Stone Age, the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, Mika and Weird Al.

It was awesome. We spent nearly two hours snuggled up on the sofa, and after the initial vying-for-the-best-place thing that siblings do, they settled down and I relished the time, buried under their weight and warmth and giggles, providing a jig-along beat to the bouncy tunes, catching Niece as she periodically flung herself backwards onto the sofa for no apparent reason and watching with awe as Neff showed his utter mastery of a laptop touchpad.

I just wish that music videos were a bit politer! Some of the imagery shown is really just not…lets just say if I’d seen some of the videos before or heard the lyrics, I would’ve been looking for a clean ‘radio edit’ or a version with someone else’s graphics. I wonder if there’s a parental control which can be applied to music vids on Youtube! That would be cool.

Talking of awesome music, I also want to share a new choon I heard today, recommended by Christine, which is FAB. She lived in Bermuda (lucky thing) and can totally vouch for how it sounds is how they live. I have island envy. Enjoy.


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