Team ‘House Move’

This evening’s crowning point was dropping off to sleep in the car, parked outside my house, in the dark and cold, with Husby begging to go in and me slurring something about “5 more minutes”.

I was *that* tired.

Today was our first official mega-focussed packing day. We’re moving house (I don’t know why,  but I’m still calling it moving house even though we’re actually going from one flat to another – ‘moving flat’ just doesn’t sound at all right) at the end of March and there’s a LOT crammed into our tiny 1 bed place.

My fabulous, WonderAunty arrived at 1pm and despite Husby and I having made a sort of start – things were in boxes; further boxes were ready to be made; a little cleaning had been begun – she managed to instantly organise, co-ordinate, direct and work like the busiest bee you ever saw. Things started to happen quite rapidly from then on.

Boxes were filled and taped and labelled.

The kitchen received a deep clean – even inside cupboards!

Bags were filled.

Old stuff was thrown out (we seemed to have several pots of half-used honey, all at various stages of beyond their sell-by-date…amongst other things)

The bathroom received a deep clean from WonderAunty (complete with winces about how mucky bits of it were! Oops!)

The garden was tidied up a bit.

Cupboards were organised.

Every bit of clutter and stuff we won’t need for the next month was boxed or bagged and two cars were filled to the brim with those boxes and bags. We drove them to our good friends, who have a spare room they’ve kindly said we can use temporarily. We unloaded all the boxes and bags onto the pavement and parked the cars nearby (the road was really too narrow to leave the cars in the way) and, helped by our friends, carried all those boxes and bags up to the fourth floor (where their flat is) and put them into the spare room in a neat and orderly fashion.

Did you catch that? Yes, the FOURTH floor. 48 stairs. I counted.

I reckon that our friend made ten trips, I made nine and Husby made seven. That’s  1248 stairs between us.

And I reckon we took an average of two bags/boxes per turn, which makes approximately 52 items.

And I reckon on average, each of those items weighed about 4kg, which works out at 208kg.

208kg x 1248 stairs / 3 people = some mathematical *something* which explains why we’re SO tired.

Then we had to finish clearing the garden of stuff we hadn’t boxed, then do some shopping.

Tonight I shall sleep the sleep of the dead, I feel.

I’d like to award my WonderAunty, Husby and our friends 10,000 Awesome Points each (I’ll tell them later where they can redeem them).

11 thoughts on “Team ‘House Move’

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  3. It really was *incredibly* tiring, but you're right – it'll be totally worth it in the end. We are now just over a week away from moving and the excitement is building…it's going to be awesome 🙂


  4. 1248 stair-steps? That sounds tiring! But I think it comes with the territory when you are moving to a new place. But despite all the hassle of packing, carrying and moving, it is still exhilarating to be in a new space. Hope that you enjoy your new home! 🙂


  5. My husband and I lived in 5 apartments in our first 5 years of marriage. I didn't mind moving apartments so much. We moved into our first house after having one child. No big deal. We moved to our second house after four kids. I will never do that again. Moving an entire house is horrible. Horrible, I say! I know people that have moved house every 2 or 3 years. I do not understand it.
    Yahoo for WonderfulAunty! Sometimes we just need an outside force to get our rear ends in gear.


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