7 Quick Takes #20 x FTSF

Before I begin – Quick Takes #20! My, how time flies!
— 1 —
Finish the Sentence Friday

Wow, well this week I’m kinda joining in for joining in’s sake. The sentence to finish is
You want to know what I think of social media? I think…
 …I think what I have to say may well be seen as a little unorthodox and possibly judgemental. I know I should totally look for the plank in mine own eye first before picking on anyone else‘s social media habits, but (as per usual) I’ll plunge in anyway and reap whatever whirlwinds come my way (if any – who knows, you might all agree with me)

Facebook – fun, good for keeping up on info on people you know in real life. Words with friends is a good, remote-playing Scrabble experience, but really, I don’t like the cliqueyness that can happen, I don’t like the targetted marketing depending on what you do or do not ‘like’ and I definitely don’t like all the propaganda and chain posts. Some of the groups are helpful (miscarriage support, adoption information, that kind of thing) but can be sadly misused for grandstanding, and I think it’s really good that useful, sensible information can be shared about good causes. 

It also allows freedom for the slightly daft to post pages about the Moon’s new name

Twitter – I have a twitter account and am still of the mindset that I’m a bit of a twit for doing so. I don’t have an internet-capable phone, so I can’t update everyone when I‘m on the bus or doing some shopping, and frankly it seems like fawning, ego-stroking, pandering, seeking-validation-online-to-make-up-for-a-lack-of-it-in-real-life (warned you it might be an obnoxious opinion) which I don‘t want to get involved in. I don’t care if you have hundreds of followers. I don‘t care if someone famous tweeted you back. You, me, a table between us and some tea and cake. That’s where I‘m at.

Pintrest – I think you need a phone for this. Ah well. I’m sure it’s lovely.

Blogging – I guess it counts as social media, and I’m all for it. It encourages writing and creativity. It forges connections and helps you to find people with shared experiences. It’s far more validating than a 140 character limit, and though still slightly narcissistic (probably)  you get to read people’s life stories. It’s more like text-based documentaries, which I love. Real people, real stories, through their eyes. That’s the good stuff right there.   

— 2 —

First it’s horsemeat over here, now it’s aspartame in the milk in the US. What is going on with food in the world! At least we’re all fortunate enough to have so much food available we can pick and choose what to eat. Yah boo sucks to the Big Companies who obfuscate things though. Bad form.

Ever tried to read a horse?

— 3 —

Husby turned to me tonight, amid our Stuff-strewn living room in our Stuff-strewn house, with a few packed boxes and said “You realise we’re moving in less than a month?”

EEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Thank goodness for some of my wonderful friends-and-relations who are not only helping pack and clean (variously) but who are putting up with holding boxfuls of our stuff while we make the flat presentable for prospective viewers.

— 4 —

Talking of which, there’s the blueberry wine! Oh no.

Husby and I decided (when we got married) that in the interests of science, cheap booze, historical fun and, well, interest, we’d brew our own wine. To date we’ve had

Blackberry 2010 – a wonderful, sweet, rich, STRONG wine. Our first batch. We’ve kept a bottle for our 10th wedding anniversary.

Parsnip – came out the strength of whiskey. It was utterly ridiculous! Really flavoursome though and great when a centimetre in the bottom of the glass was topped up with lemonade. I also got to make parsnip cake from the leftover parsnips at the beginning of the process (you have to boil the flavour out of them for the wine) – follow a banana cake recipe and add boiled, mashed parsnip instead of banana and use lots of nutmeg. Heavy, moist, scrumptious cake.

Dandelion – I wanted to try it. My Sister liked it. I didn’t, nor did anyone else, but it DID taste of dandelions.

Damson summink – we used some damsons and made half a bottle of what tastes like vaguely alcoholic plum jam. Sweet and delicious though.

Blackberry 2011 – a stronger, less sweet but deeper bodied wine. Gets you pissed quick.

Elderflower whizz – flavour like liquidised angels, flowers, butterflies and glitter and goes straight to your head. Not sure we’ve got any left now, which makes me sad.

And now blueberry. They were on offer, so we got lots and tried it (Blueberries are one of Husby’s favourite fruits…I think) and, well, followed the instructions, did everything right and made the whole batch together, then divided it into two demi-johns. One appeared to ferment slowly, a little, the other did nothing. So we’ve been ignoring them and hoping they’ll magically turn alcoholic and bottle themselves. But they wont, so we’ll have to get onto it soon!

— 5 —

I discovered an awesome new song today, which I want to share. It’s SO much fun and the music makes me want to dance (only I’m snuggled in a blanket on the sofa, so I won’t right now) but if you’re in anyway upright, amp up the speakers and bop along. This is the kind of music which makes my heart sing.

— 6 —
It may have been last week now, or this week – I can’t remember, but I discovered the BEST way to make kids laugh til they nearly can’t breathe, and that’s to tickle them and laugh uproariously along with them. I can guarantee it works ’til at least age 5. I don’t know who had more fun, me or Niece and Neff, but we played this game for about 20 minutes until my sides were aching and I had real tears of laughter in my eyes.
Also, in the interests of pseudo-scientifico-psycho-babble which says that laughing cheers you up, it really works. I don’t recommend trying it when you’re necessarily feeling down, but have a go one day – lock yourself away where no-one can hear you (or steal some kids to play the above game with) and give yourself a good ten minutes of from-the-toes belly laughter. Screech, holler, hoot, giggle and snort it up and see if you don’t feel good afterwards. 
I am happy, therefore I laugh = I laugh therefore I am happy.  

— 7 —
 Having thought about the wonder of laughing with kids and sharing precious moments, please spare a thought for those kids who don’t get that. If you know any, try to help them out. And bear in mind those who are far beyond the reach of warm, child-focussed intervention at the moment.
And if you’re in a praying-type-mood, or a sending warm-vibes type place, spare a thought for these beauties – Violetta and Gretchen

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19 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes #20 x FTSF

  1. Every now and again I'll log into my twitter account and post something and my friend (and only follower) will post something rude about having a heart attack from the surprise of me actually doing anything with it.

    I don't like the pettiness of facebook, as you identify, but I do like the connectedness – it's really handy in that way.


  2. I might well check it out and see what ideas are stealable.

    Great to hear about your friend. I'm glad that RR is having such a widespread impact in the US. Sadly they can do nothing in the UK because adoption law here means that a) you have to have a 'qualifying connection' to the country of adoption and b) they don't 'do' international special needs adoption, period. It's a sucky system 😦


  3. Yes, and that's where the line seems to get blurred most easily, I think. It's easy to get people online to agree with you because there are SO many people out there, you can get a false sense of your own 'rightness' about things.


  4. I really like that Facebook can be good for so many causes, as well. I've found a lot of autism resources there for my son. But, like you point out, it's also got the flip side, petty arguments, weird posts and craziness. I guess all social media does. And Pinterest, Kate's right – you can do it from a computer. It's a time sucker though. And ha ha to the ego-stroking Twitter comment. So right. A contest of cleverness at times. I use it but not really that way.


  5. You don't need a phone for Pinterest, just a computer. It's addictive, I think more than any of them. Because the pictures are so awesome and you can find some great stuff on there that you can make or do. But, personally, I've done more pinning than repinning, so I've been able to keep that from becoming an addiction. I'm addicted to Twitter right now. Mainly for promoting my blog. It's a daily battle that I'm determined to win.

    I have a friend that adopted through Reese's Rainbow (I think I misspelled that).


  6. The narcissism aspect is the most troubling, I think. I guess it is a fine line between seeking shallow validation and actual connection sometimes… thought-provoking points! Thanks for linking up with us!


  7. I look forward to your rational thought, but don't devalue the irrational (or the late-at-night) for oft in those times are pearls of wisdom found. Or so I think, late at night, when I make sense to none but myself.

    I'm afraid when it comes to Heisenberg, I'm as thick as two short Plancks stuck together with stupid glue, but I think the thinking and the typing can occur simultaneously up until the point where you imagine the reaction, then pause.

    I'd love to see an installation of speech as social media, but I'm afraid it would be called 'Theatre' and no-one would be allowed to 'like' it, for fear of the critics.

    It's late here too – time to pull the plug on the reply, but yes, blog hops are awesome fun.


  8. 'social media'…

    …now should that include speech? how about non-verbal gestures… ok then if I type something and it is read, does the message include the media or is it like Heisenberg suggested, you cannot write a blog and know how it affects the reader without stopping typing first.

    I would appreciate it if some pulls the plug on this Comment, lol I love these blog hops (cause they get me to other people's blogs that I come to enjoy reading) but there are so many people participating that eventually I am writing Comments way, way past my bedtime.

    But serially, I enjoy your rhetorical eclecticism ('round the Doctrine we tend to be thinking, 'ah a clark!' but thats for each of us to decide for themselves.)

    I have enjoyed this Post and promise to bring along some extra rational thought, the next time I stop to write a Comment.


  9. It makes children of us all. Perhaps we get too used to being able to post our own thoughts and expect others to give them credence. Who knows.

    I'm worried about the wine now! Oh dear! At least (if your experience is anything to go by) I'll still be able to face blueberries at the end of it if it all goes horribly wrong.

    I've never heard of a muscadine before, so I looked it up here (http://www.newu.net/muscadine.html) and have discovered not only what one is, but the word SCUPPERNONG, which might be my new favourite word for the phonetics of it. Love it, thank you for bringing it into my life XD


  10. Lots can get misconstrued, and as I read in another FTSF blog, people are beginning to forget to filter things before posting, and every thought which comes out of their head is fair game, and woe betide you if you don't like it or have a different opinion. It's also slightly dehumanising and easy to post things you'd NEVER say if you were face to face with the person you're trashing.

    What is going on with the milk though? I can't work out a single (not even PROFIT) reason that milk needs sweetener in. Is that a normal thing in the US? We only have plain milk here, or milkshake, which is obviously flavoured with banana or chocolate or somesuch.

    I love that song. Still singing it now.


  11. I guess it depends on what you use social media for. I shake my head at some of the things I see. When people argue back and forth – knowing we are in our 40s, I want to tell them to grow up. Moving on to your wine making, Blueberry wine was THE WORST wine I've ever tasted. We sort of live in “wine country”. Not the grape kind, but the muscadine kind. So all the wines made with Muscadine go from semi to very sweet – none of which I like. As for the blueberry, I've scrunched up my face at the thought. I can't describe the taste. Fortunately it did not ruin it for me, I still love blueberries. Just not for wine.


  12. I'm not a big fan of social media. Grown adults have trouble knowing what is appropriate to post, yet the same world is open to impulsive children and teens who really don't know what trouble they can get themselves into. Between photos on instagram and nasty tweets and mass texts, tantrums on Facebook, a potentially wonderful thing is turned into a whole mess of awful.
    As for the milk, here's where I get to make people mad. How about people just make their kids drink white milk? Don't have to worry about sugar or aspartame.
    And lastly, great song!


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