Happy geekyday

We’ve had a lovely friend to stay over and been terribly sensible and highly geeky. We all went to bed early, got up early, spent the day walking and shopping. I also made pancakes for breakfast and scored a load of ‘awesome points’ for that.

Usually Husby and I have to be hyper-careful with money. We’ve got a marvellous family who’ve bailed us out more times than I care to admit, but what with Husby’s long illness and lack of ability to work, we’ve been struggling. I had a little windfall lately and although there’s 5 places for every penny of it, we decided to enjoy a little frivolity with it.

We walked and talked and visited lots of stores, including my favourite – a tiny vintage/fancy dress store called The Beatnik Emporium, where I bought an old US-style baseball T-shirt, and generally spent wonderful, slow, rich time together chatting about nothing and everything.

And there were a few pranks along the way. Silly ones like convincing Husby that the lady in the store wouldn’t accept my Ben & Jerry’s coupons (she had, eventually) and telling my friend that not only could Spidey Girl get out of her glass cage, but she had been known to cuddle up on people’s faces as they slept. That was a great one for the full five minutes I could cope with seeing my friend quite so freaked out about her sleeping quarters.

I bought some pretty green and gold geek dice, we got the Big Bang Theory trivia game, I found a great looking book called ‘The Missing Ink’, about the decline of handwriting and why this matters (when I find out, I’ll let you know) and Husby found an AMAZING Star Trek Opposites board book (TOS) for our future child, at whatever point/stage they may arrive. For now I’ll enjoy reading it myself.

On the way back, we popped into Uncle Charley’s American import shop and I discovered they had pick’n’mix, which was awesome. We have such different sweets and I’m always keen to try new ones.

I ended up with

Reese’s Peanut Buttercup (always a hit), York (kinda like a Fry’s Peppermint Cream but less creamy), Baby Ruth (mostly like the old Topic bars – anyone remember them?), Laffy Taffy (we have no equivalent – it’s full of artificial flavours and colours and is awesome. It also has jokes but two on each wrapper – more joke for your buck than a Penguin), a Jolly Rancher lolly (always a strong flavour), a Bobby’s Sweet Stripe (not tried it yet, but looks awesome), a weird brown/pink/yellow sweet which was kind of like a fake ice-cream flavour, a Mary Jane chew (something like peanutty bonfire toffee), a packet of SweeTarts (kinda like highly flavoured, tiny Refreshers) and a Tootsie Frootie (root beer flavour – the most disgusting thing in the world; for anyone who’s never had it, DON’T! Wintergreen (which is what flavour it is, I believe) is the same taste as Deep Heat smells. It’s nasty).

Tonight we are away to Youth Group to assist in conducting an evening of ‘Heroes of the Past’. Husby’s running DNA extraction (you use salty water, washing up liquid and chilled vodka and somehow it gets your DNA in a messy, white clump in a cup) and we’re each taking a microscope so they can learn about Van Leeuwenhoek. I’m running a Heroes of the Past quiz and the Wright Bros. paper aeroplane race. Should be a hoot.

Later we’ll get takeaway and snuggle in front of a DVD, exhausted, to celebrate Valentines day in a small, quiet way.

Edit: Almost forgot! Make your Captain proud and vote ‘Vulcan’ at the SETI Pluto Moon Naming poll



5 thoughts on “Happy geekyday

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  2. See, now, we get some Bobby's stuff over here – their SideWinder is second to none. You're not missing out though on the ones I named in the post. I was impressed by the SweeTarts grape flavour (which I love, and we just Do Not Get Here – that amazing, artificial, terrible-for-you flavour). Star Burst we have and M&Ms. I've tried Hershey's chocolate twice – once to discover I hated it and again to check.


  3. It's good. I'll post more on it. Handwriting is so important, but I've been surprised that the author has such a downer on Copperplate, which I think is beautiful and he describes as (I paraphrase) clunky and ugly and a waste of time. I also like his examples of Palmer's American handwriting.

    We don't have them over here at all. They're new and shiny to me and any Englishers reading this. I love the Laffy Taffy (purple and blue are the best) but Reese's Peanut Buttercups have a special place in my heart – I think they were the first American candy I ever tried. Don't like your chocolate though, but that's probably not desperately fair because I'm not keen on ours, either. I'm far more a 'sweeties' person than a 'chocolate' person.


  4. Never heard of a Bobby's Sweet Stripe or a Mary Jane chew….but I love sweet tarts. My other fav is Tottsie Rolls (they are a chocolate chewy thing). Then there's hersey's kisses….M &Ms….Star Bursts…

    Okay…must stop now. I usually don't think much about candy, but it's making me hungry.


  5. Can't wait to hear about the Missing Ink. The schools in Indiana are no longer required to teach kids how to write in cursive. I'm not a big fan of that decision.

    I always forget that not everyone lives like us Americans. The candies of which you speak are so common, I was surprised at first that you had to describe them. My kids love Laffy Taffy. I'm more of the Reese's kind of gal.


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