7 Quick Takes 18 x FTSF

— 1 —
Finish the Sentence Friday

This week the sentence begins

I get so frustrated when…

Oh dear an awful lot.
I have discovered (slowly) that the thing which I handle least well in life is frustration. Possibly less well than anger, sadness or any of those other strong, devastating emotions. For those I can *usually* hold it together and cope, but for frustration…everything goes out the window and all bets are off.

To my shame, usually the things I get frustrated about most quickly are the tiny, insignificant-in-the-bigger-picture things. Back in the day, as a teenager, I once had a full-scale meltdown because we’d just moved house and the reception on the TV wasn’t working and I wanted to watch the latest episode of  a show I’d been following carefully and could only watch it on a crappy set through a hailstorm of static. I mean tears and shouting and slamming stuff of a meltdown.

I also throw things and in the tradition of my dear Mother, I slam doors (the louder the better – Husby blames me for our current front door‘s sealant being barely still in place and also for our boiler making funny noises – it’s next to the door I slammed.)

My most recent meltdown came in the middle of last summer. I can’t even remember the specifics of the ‘why’, but I know it had something to do with Husby and some long-standing (and no longer important) frustration I had with him. It so culminated that I couldn’t bear to be in the house with him, so I gardened (I never garden. Not my own, anyway. I do other peoples’ when they pay me). There were some plates which had cracked and ended up out there waiting to be carefully broken to be used in the bottom of plant pots for drainage. They rapidly ended up as smithereens and dust. I even picked up some of the shards and smashed them smaller.

Mum always used to try to tell me to stamp on cardboard boxes or rip up paper. It’s no good – paper and cardboard just don‘t DIE well enough. When I’m frustrated I go straight into an amygdala-led rage and want to hurt things. It ain’t pretty and I try very hard not to let it get to that stage more than twice or thrice a year!    

— 2 —

Onward to happier things.

You can help name a planet – click here

I know I *just* posted this yesterday, but I think it’s important for as many people as possible to vote to give this poor, nameless, rocky entity an awesome moniker. What better to call it than ‘Vulcan’? I think we owe it to Star Trek, people. The ancient Greeks have enough space-lumps named for them and I know that Vulcan’s also a Roman god, but who cares; let’s all help to take it to the next level of fan geekdom, cos let’s face it – that’s what people will associate ‘Vulcan’ with.

— 3 —

Still happier news (and it takes quite a lot to top the potential contribution to naming an actual Thing In Space) is that my dear friends Lostinthewoods and Patchwork had a meeting with a social worker from a nearby city council and received confirmation that this council are prepared to take them forward as prospective adoptive parents.

We’ve shared their journey as Husby and I also began investigating adoption at around the same time, and they’ve come to the point of readiness a lot quicker than we have. They’ve had ups and downs and been kept waiting (and I daresay could have quite something to say about frustration) and have finally cleared the first, most important hurdle. To say we are thrilled for them would be an understatement. It absolutely could not happen to nicer people and I sincerely hope that the rest of their adoption journey goes smoothly and wonderfully (such a shame to let reality intrude into this line of thought) and wish them all the very, sparkly best.

— 4 —

I had a peek into the spider cage today, and despite her earlier sulk, I think that Spidey Girl has vanquished (and subsequently eaten) the cheeky locust. I am so pleased, not only because every time she can be enticed to eat it lessens my fears that I’m a bad pet owner, but also because the thing was about half her size and could probably have done her some damage if it had taken it into its tiny insect-brain to fight back.

— 5 —

I totally just thought of another thing which frustrates me – trying to deal with technology. I’m a bit of a troglodyte at heart and would love nothing more than a book and a pen…if they could play Youtube videos. I am constantly put to shame by Niece and Neff, who at 3 and 5 respectively, can out-laptop me any day.

(now what frustrates me is that I can’t get the video link working for you – click here for a great animated explanation of why I hate technologies!)

— 6 —

For no good reason, I’d like to share that at least some blokes feel the same way as girls do about shoes. I know I over-generalise about the ‘girls’ thing, I know it’s really only *some* girls, but most of those I know get unreasonably giggly about gorgeous new shoes. I’ll show you a pair of mine and link you to the awesome, heart-warming, world-righting song by Paolo Nutini.

Flicker-flacker by the incomparable Irregular Choice
— 7 —

 Next week’s 7QT should be fun-packeder than usual – I’m going to do a disappearing-Wifey trick and leave Husby to fend for his capable self. Next week for half term and move in with my lovely Sister for a few days to help look after Niece and Neff. It’s gonna be crazy (and as I’m not sure of the state of her wi-fi, Friday might be the next time I’m around in blogland) If it’s half term where you are, have fun.
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10 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes 18 x FTSF

  1. That's a smart move. I also read the other day of someone who said to themself (at these times) “How important will this be to the 'me' in 1 hours time? Will it matter?”. These thoughts are probably sensible and I should give it a go and try (for possibly the first time in my life) to heed those with more experience and knowledge. Thanks for your input.


  2. Could well be, but I turn into a hot mess when it happens. Husby now tells me (complete with sanctimonious (to my viewpoint) voice) that I'm “overreacting”, which makes it FAR worse. That's usually when the slamming and throwing starts…oh dear! I am a creature of pattern.


  3. I used to hit walls (I claimed it safer than hitting people) until I broke a few bones in my hand one day. Since then, I've learned to sit down and concentrate on the question, “How important is this going to be in ten years? Will I even remember it, and if so, will I laugh at myself for acting this way?” Since adopting that to my routine, I've learned to bypass the “little things” that irritate more and more. Just a thought…. Good post!


  4. The teenage TV frustration made me laugh out loud because I've been there. I can get so frustrated over the smallest, most insignificant thing and it's always those things that set me off. Maybe because I have expectations that those things will always run smoothly and they don't. Gah!


  5. Yes! I have also inherited our much loved mothers slamming of doors when frustrated! Many a time, as a child, i can recall jumping 5ft in the air at the loud bang of a well slammed door! I think the loud sudden noise helps! :p
    As for the state of my 'wifi', I dont even have a landline! Everyone say bye-bye to lizzi for a bit!! 🙂


  6. XmlSplit-54-Trial I feel a shoe post coming on at some point – those shoes are one fabulous pair of many. I've got my eye on some on-sale boots at the moment from the same store, but even at half price can't afford them. I also can't quite justify how much they cost in correlation to how little I wear them all, but I LOVE having them.

    I expect the kids will run me absolutely riot. I can't wait.


  7. Seriously little things get to me too at times and there have been times I have let things pile up to the point of exploding. So, yes I can totally feel what you are throwing down here. Thanks as always for linking up with us and enjoyed how you ended the sentence, too!! 🙂


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