Edible WOW!

Just because not very much has happened to me (again) today, I will link you to a couple of really cool videos.

In school, my interests were very much English, Art and Drama based. I think because of the curriculum and they way these things are taught in state schools, I hated Science and Maths, but since leaving, though I continue to devour literature and dabble in art, the drama has dropped off (apart from in an everyday drama sense – I’m talking the non-organised, totally spur-of-the-moment melodrama stuff now) and my desire to learn more about science and mathematics have increased exponentially.

Quite apart from my new favourite non-fiction author, Lewis Thomas, Alex Bellos (author of Alex’s adventures in numberland) is also worth a look, because he undertakes to demystify some of the intricacies of higher maths, and it’s absolutely fascinating.

Some of my favourite subscribed channels on Youtube are to do with science and maths – Vsauce’s Michael tackles some of the most incredible subjects head-on (like, if everyone in the world stood in one place and jumped at the same time, could we make the earth move?) and Vi Hart blends music and maths (her profession is the enviably titled ‘recreational mathemusician’) with awesome doodles and occasional snakes.

Another really good goodie is Smarter Every Day, presented by the eminently likeable Destin (and sometimes family). He’ll do things like show you physics with cats or model helicopters. He even travelled into the rainforest just to make us more clever!

Learning is fun, and the longer I’m out of school, the better I can appreciate that. I’ll leave you with the WOW; edible-math-art-naticianary.

(Actually, I did promise you occasional snakes…)


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