Eaten by the bear.

We are infertile. The bear got us.

Unless Husby’s current (6 months) treatment performs absolute miracles and raises our chances from nothing to infinitesimal, the clinic won’t even offer us fertility treatment, there being no point in wasting the money and time.

This six month period will now be used to sign up for and start receiving infertility counseling. A requirement for me (certainly at the moment) and for any council or other body with whom we may wish to pursue the adoption process; their standard practice for potential adopters who have discovered they are infertile.

In the meantime, we’re open to miracles but are no longer anticipating they might be a possibility. We know where we stand.


14 thoughts on “Eaten by the bear.

  1. I skipped lunch, but as that's because I'm miserable and went to bed instead of eating, I doubt it counts. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. At this stage, I think divine intervention is pretty much the only thing which will help.


  2. Don't give up hope yet. As you like to tell me, God is bigger than this – and He has impressed on me to pray for a miraculous pregnancy for you. Please, anyone reading this who is already in relationship with God, pray for the same thing.

    Don't forget that God gave Isaac to Abraham and Sarah in their old age because of their faith and righteousness. Then he blessed Isaac's barren wife Rebekah with two sons, Esau and Jacob. He has a track record of granting children to His children when all hope seems lost. We are not praying for anything that is out of step with His character. I have begun a 3-day fast from all solid food on your behalf and I entreat you all to fast and pray with me.


  3. Well, %*#**#*$*#*$*#*#*$(%*$**$*%*@#$%! Just a few choice words I didn't think you wanted printed here on the blog.
    My heart hurts for you. I am praying that you can feel the love and comfort God is trying to give you.


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