7 Quick Takes #15 x FTSF

— 1 —

Various blogs I follow do exciting things on certain days of the week. I see ‘Silent Sunday’ happening all over the place, and someone’s trying to get ‘Motivational Mondays’ going, but a recent addition to ‘Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine’ has had me torn. Finish The Sentence Friday (or FTSF) has proved great fun and excellent reading. In usual fashion, then, I am going to try to have my cake and eat it by creating a beautiful hybrid with the tried, tested and much loved ‘7 Quick Takes’ in a glorious crossover. So without further ado;

Finish the Sentence Friday

This week’s sentence: When I was younger I tried…mountaineering across the front of a wardrobe and could easily have been squished when it fell forwards on top of me. I was saved by the bedpost of my sister’s bed, which held it up (albeit at a precarious angle) allowing me to shimmy out from underneath before it fell any further. I got in trouble.

I seemed to think I was some kind of superhero as a kid, because I think at one point, my details were permanently etched into the A&E computer – each time we went in the receptionists had this ‘oh you again’ look about them. I once thought it would be really cool to prove the amazing awesomeness of my new trainers by leaping delicately onto the pointy end of a nail I found embedded in some wood, then jump gracefully off again. I leaped with all the delicacy I could manage, and was fortunate in that when I landed, the nail missed the bones in my foot as it perforated straight through the sole of my awesome new trainer and into my young, ignorant flesh. That time I had to get a shot, too.

— 2 —

I got stabbed with needles again today – yet another session of blood donation to satisfy the fertility doctor. Goodness knows where the results from the first round of tests I had, have gone. I hope one day I might find out, but for now, day 23 of my cycle (apparently) further bloodwork needed to be done to establish whether I have sufficient progesterone to allow conception. Now that Husby’s fertility is medically on the up, they need to establish that it’s been worth their while bothering in the first place by getting me checked out.

— 3 —

After my rather large tantrum on Saturday, I rounded the week off by having another one on Wednesday night. Again, Husby did something relatively small and I flew off the handle and hit the ceiling as I passed into outer orbit. We managed to make up again, but it was stressful for both of us for a while.

I think we learn our patterns of behaviour in these kinds of situations from our parents. My Mum used to bang drawers and cupboards and did a wonderful line in slamming doors when she was particularly riled (my favourite time was when she slammed the front door, decided that this hadn’t been sufficient in conveying the depth of her upset and so opened it so she could slam it again). I have a feeling that Husby’s Dad tends to stay quite quiet and unobtrusive and then speak up when he can’t stand it any more. We both seemed to conform to type.

I read on a very lovely blog that the author and her husband try to maintain physical contact whilst arguing. She said that the touch of the other person not only helps to regulate the brain with the production of oxytocin, but that the contact reminds them both that the other person is someone they love very dearly and ultimately do not want to hurt. My Husby suggested that from hereon out we argue whilst hugging. I feel this could result in some bruised ribs, but you never know – it could work. The problem is I like being angry (when I’m in the middle of it, anyway) and I fairly well enjoy being vicious and aggressive and slammy and crashety. Maybe if I gave these things up for love, then our arguments would be resolved quicker.

— 4 —

It is absolutely, incredibly cold here today, despite cloud cover. Our shower got fixed though, so I’m excited to try it out. No more waiting for 10 minutes while the water heats to tepid. No more showers which get cold in the middle. No more shivering so much it’s impossible to use a towel. (I sincerely hope).

— 5 —

As I type this, the internet seems to have broken. Firefox and Internet Explorer both suggest I correct my spelling, check my connection or check my firewall. All are fine and there is…nothing. I hope the internet comes back, otherwise I’m pretty much typing this to myself, on a document, on my desktop. Still, it could prove to be a fascinating time capsule in years to come when someone from The Future discovers an ancient piece of technology (my laptop) buried in landfill and decides to see what will happen if they just alter their warp core signature and plug it in…

Having troubleshot (troubleshooted?) apparently the DNS server is not responding. I don’t know what a one of them is, but I really hope it can be made to respond.

Later edit: The internet’s back – can you tell?

— 6 —

In doing some market research today into the animal-related magazines available for young people (7-14) I was absolutely horrified to find that one of them contained a double page spread on star signs. The predictions appeared benign enough; things like ‘Your pet will do something cute to make you giggle’ but why, why, WHY is it necessary to start entrenching kids in quasi-spiritual hokum at such an early age! I was less distressed when I found Ouija boards for sale in the Argos catalogue. Boo, hiss.

— 7 —

I made an amazingly awesome new recipe on Sunday for my family. It must’ve been good, cause the whole lot was scoffed. It was a cheesy, tomatoey, basilly, mozzarella-y puff-pastry-bake-thing. I must keep trying new things. In fact, I’m going to later – Cannellini beans. I’m not sure I’ve knowingly tried them before. I’m sure they’re fine and pretty much of a muchness with other beans, but when I sent Husby to get Butter Beans, apparently I forgot to suggest he read the label before he buys anything. The same colour(ish) label on a tin and a picture of beans which are white, is seemingly all it takes to confuse the poor man.

Now with added recipe!


You will need

1 pre-rolled sheet of puff pastry

Basil (fresh would be good, but the shop was sold out so I got this weird basil-in-a-tube thing, which worked rather well in the end)

Tomato puree

15-20 Cherry tomatoes

2 balls of mozzarella

1 tsp dried mixed herbs

1 handful grated cheddar

Unroll your pastry and grease a baking tray. Plop the pastry into the tray and fold the edges back on themselves if they don’t fit. If you have the luxury of a massive baking tray, you’ll want to fold the edges back anyway or your cheese will run away later. Spread 2tblsp tomato puree around the pastry base, using the back of a spoon. Add basil (fresh or tubed) and spread that around, too. Quarter the cherry tomatoes and place them carefully in a pleasing pattern on the saucy pastry. Slice your mozzarella balls (thick, chunky slices, please) and layer them on top of the tomatoes. Add more basil if it’s fresh. Scatter your grated cheddar over the top then sprinkle with mixed herbs. Place into a pre-heated oven (I cook everything on 200, so do what works for you) and leave beyond the point where it’s all melted into a big, runny cheese puddle and you panic you’ll need a spoon to eat it, to the point where the cheese begins to go a little crispy on top and the pastry is very golden. Serve with caution (because it will be runny) and a side salad. And potato wedges, just because. Oh, and coleslaw.

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27 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes #15 x FTSF

  1. I was fine – both from the shelving and from my Mother's fury when she saw I was OK. We did have one casualty as I recall – a ceramic elf she had made years ago in a pottery class. Sounds weird, but they were actually cute. 🙂


  2. Yes I never really considered her feelings about the incident. I do remember being severely told off, so presumably she was quite rattled by it.

    We used to have an apple tree in our garden. I loved climbing it. I'd sit up in the fork of a branch with a book, eating all the apples within reach and looking through my own 1st floor bedroom window. I loved it. I was gutted when it got chopped down.


  3. Ok, that wardrobe scare is like every mom's worst nightmare. Glad you made it out. I can only imagine how your mom felt. My kids haven't done anything quite like that yet. I have found my son up in a very, vey high tree and then my 3 yo climbed up after him. Goodness! Heart attack in my backyard!


  4. It's a fun blog hop, isn't it. I think I'm still rather in your mindset regards the touching-while-arguing thing. One day I might be brave enough to try it, but perhaps not yet.

    I've totally inherited the door slamming thing. My Husby blames me for the fact that the seal around our front door is coming loose, due to me slamming it rather hard on the odd occasion…


  5. That's one of my biggest fears! I've had the hubs chain or nail EVERYTHING to the walls. But we've still got a free standing chest of drawers in our bedroom and the other day I caught my eldest (he's three) standing on the open drawer at the bottom. Those drawers have GOT to go! My 1 year old pulled some outdoor furniture on top of himself and that scared me half to death. You were lucky the bedpost was there!


  6. That carrot is amazing. Did it get won at a fair or something? In the nicest way, I bet it was an awesome ride. Your Mum sounds cool – mine wouldn't tell us off, but we got the impression that sliding down the stairs was 'frowned upon'.


  7. Thank you! Sounds delicious. I got confused for a second when you said you bake everything at 200. Totally forgot you aren't in America. Gotta make sure we plant some cherry tomato plants this year so I can make lots and lots of this.


  8. You know that carrot photo in Kate's caption that this week? We used it as a sled to ride down the stairs two or three of us kids at a time. It was a good ride if no one got slammed into the wall at the bottom. Not only did my mom know about it, she was standing by cheering us on. (Sorry to jump into your conversation, but your bean bag reminded me.)


  9. Oh my gosh, my mother was a door slammer, too. In fact, she still is. I love the idea of touching while arguing but wow – that'd be a hard one. Touching somebody in a loving way when you want to throttle him at the same time might be really difficult. Glad I found you via FTSF!


  10. Lol. Before we were married, my Husby had a mad idea that he could try to take me to bed in the middle of an argument. Funnily enough, he's never actually tried. I don't think he thought that one all the way through!

    If you try the contact thing, I'd be keen to hear how it went. I'm still uncertain about it. I think I'd find it frustrating and I deal with that less well than I do with straight-up anger.


  11. Confrontation makes me nuts.

    I think you have a point about learning arguing from our parents. I probably hate confrontation with my husband because my mother used to throw things. I'd never want to do that myself or put my children through it.

    I hate being angry so I like the suggestion about maintaining physical contact while arguing. My husband would appreciate that. Of course, he'd probably like to get me into bed, but that's not a bad way to end an argument.


  12. Hah totally. I can't remember if it was Argos or Tesco, come to think of it, it was definitely one of them.

    A tea tray? That's awesome. I don't think we had one I could've ridden, but I did ride the bean-bag down the stairs an awful lot – it rolled under one as you slid, making the experience that much slippier and dangerous. I also remember climbing around the stairwell on the outside of the bannisters – only just remembered that. My parents never knew.


  13. I remember riding a tea tray, sledge-style, down our stairs as a child and (incredibly) not hurting myself, although I did get rather explosively told off…oops!

    OUIJA BOARDS IN ARGOS?! I may write and complain – those things are dangerous. My dad had an experience with one when he was much younger, which he refuses to give any details about 'in case it brings whatever it was back'. And my father isn't exactly known for being a scaredy-cat or for giving much credence to the spiritual world generally.

    I totally agree about astrology in kids' magazines. They'll allow so-called harmless New Age crap like that, and yet I bet if they substituted a weekly Bible passage instead there would be a right furore.


  14. Crikey! Were you ok? I infer you lived to tell the tale, at the very least.

    I totally agree – I've seen a couple more super-hero posts. Perhaps as kids we all think we're just absolutely AMAZING. It's supposed to be an ego-centric time, isn't it.

    I'll add the recipe now! My bad 🙂


  15. No problem – I had fun joining in. I've watched with envy the last few weeks as I didn't join in and missed all the excitement. Hope you don't mind the hybrid!

    Good to know that our fights aren't too extreme. The key is definitely communication afterwards to try to unsnaggle whatever went wrong.


  16. I was. I was SO lucky not to get left on someone's doorstep with a note. I was a good teenager though.

    I hate crying when I'm angry. Makes me feels so weak and wimpy, which makes me feel more upset. I tend to be vicious so that I can win the argument. Not big, or clever, and certainly one I need to learn my way out of!

    I'll add the recipe for you 😀


  17. Your first line gave me a BAD flashback to when I was a kid! I had a desk in my bedroom with a bookcase above it – apparently not attached, or at at least not attached well. I stood on the desk to reach something on one of the top shelves and it toppled over on me. That would not have been so bad had my mother not leapt to her feet to run and make sure I was still alive after JUST HAVING GOTTEN HOME FROM HAVING BACK SURGERY!!!

    Apparently the #FTSF was worded incorrectly, as we seem to have a superhero theme going on.

    LOVE Love love the image of your Mom slamming the door, then opening it just to slam it again. Sounds like something I would do (only laughing the second time around at the absurdity).

    As for the recipe for your puff-pastry-bake-thing, WRITE IT DOWN. I keep beating my sister over the head about that. She'll make something her whole family loves, then when they ask for it again, she doesn't remember what she had done LOL.


  18. Thank you so very much for linking up with us and you sounded a lot like my little brother as a kid, who got into anything and everything!! That said your fights sound similar to ours and think that most marriages would be quite dull without them, but the key is getting past them quickly I suppose. Thanks again and have a great weekend!! 🙂


  19. Oh. my. word. I don't care how graceful you were, you jumped on a nail?!?!?? You were a parent's nightmare, weren't you?
    As for rows with a husband, my husband and I rarely argue, but last night we had some choice words. I hate it when we do, as when I get angry, I cry. And when he gets angry at me, I cry even harder. All the crying irritates me. Touching while arguing is a good idea. The hugging may be, too, as I probably wouldn't be able to stop laughing long enough to argue.
    And lastly, if you are going to mention some yummy new recipe you tried, please let us in on it. I like yummy food, too! 🙂


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