Hope and Homes

I don’t know if you have a favourite charity or not, or whether a particular group of people seems to be on your heart to try to help. I have a couple of favourite charities, and this is my latest.

Having discovered (much to my ongoing disgust and with a vague idea of ‘doing something about it’) that the UK doesn’t ‘do’ international adoptions of children with special needs (a source of constant niggling upset that I cannot bring home Violetta or Gretchen via Reece’s Rainbows) I grumped and whinged and was pointed in the direction of Hope and Homes for Children.

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This UK based charity works with countries where the institutionalisation of orphans and abandoned children is a fact of life. In many cases, the funding is insufficient to care for the children, in spite of the best intentions and efforts of the workers. Help and Homes aims to close these institutions by working with NGOs, governments, communities, professionals, the children and their families to make it possible for these children to be cared for within families (preferably their own). Their success rate is so good that they are commended internationally.

To offer further compelling evidence of the necessity of this organisation (and others like it), I give you the documentary ‘Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children’. For anyone who hasn’t seen it, I warn you, it’s not easy viewing but it does starkly outline the need for organisations like Hope and Homes, and for people to support them. I shall have to think about what more I can do. Suggestions on a postcard (or in the comments box) please.


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