Wonderful news

Today we had a phonecall which has just lifted my entire world into a realm of shininess and glitter.

Medication has been decided for Husby – NOT the one which will render him infertile.


I haven’t found out exactly what it will do, but zapping all his swimmers should not be on the cards. We’re still going to go ahead with investigations into my fertility potential (I anticipate no problems) and sperm storage, because he’s only been granted it for 6 months, then a review, but it’s a wonderful, bright start.

And the most wonderful thing is that it should only take a couple of weeks to start taking effect, and he should have energy, memory, resilience, fortitude and all those things which have been sadly lacking for so long. He’ll be back to the guy I knew and fell in love with – the sparky, fun, walk-with-you-for-miles-chatting kind of guy.

Thank God.

And thank you to everyone who’s prayed for us or sent positive vibes or warm fuzzies – it feels like the effort and asking and waiting has all been rewarded with this amazing news.

The window is open and my spirit is soaring through. Fingers crossed we can make a baby before it closes (if it does).

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