7 Quick Takes #12

— 1 —

For anyone who reads these quick takes regularly, and who has visited or knows of Jen’s blog at Conversion Diary (where the Quick Takes are hosted) – I encourage you to pray again for her speedy recovery from double pulmonary embolism. As I understand it now, she’s back at home, which is great news.
For anyone who doesn’t know of her or hasn’t clicked back to the original host of the Quick Takes, or who doesn’t ‘do’ praying, please feel free to send good vibes or something. She’s good people.
As a result, today’s Quick Takes are being hosted elsewhere, at Moxie Wife.

— 2 —

I am increasingly amazed by the capacity we humans have to make connections. The internet and the increased travel opportunities have made such a difference to the creation and sustaining of this ‘global community’ of ours. The thing I particularly like about the internet (and the blogosphere it supports) is that people can gain a window into each others’ lives and connections can be forged which would otherwise never have occurred. In a medium where escapism meets reality, I am constantly surprised and touched by the inclusion I feel – outpourings of comfort, encouragement, understanding, shared experiences and sheer joined-in-ness – from the generous, wonderful people on the other end of the wires.
I don’t know if I’ll ever meet them or whether that would even be something I’d want to do, but these little connections, made via blogs, are something quite magical. I feel I may be back to ants

— 3 —

I’ve been doing well at my new year’s resolution. 4 days in and we’re 3/3 on going to bed by midnight. Sleep’s another matter – I seem to lay awake for aaaaages. It’s clear that I’ve bullied my bio-rhythms into moving themselves quite significantly. Definitely time to undo that mess before it’s too late. Actually, it’s already been too late (and had I not managed to obtain my friend’s phone and delete the incriminating photo of me asleep in lessons, there’d be evidence).

— 4 —

Husby (who a couple of days ago wanted to be a more prominent feature) gets his wish today as I share with you a couple of incidences which made me laugh like a drain. #1 Husby awoke from an impromptu current-medical-condition-induced nap earlier to explain his dream to me. I can’t remember all of it, but he and Sheldon and the rest of the Big Bang Theory gang were trying to defeat an evil cyclops thing which had been called when Poseidon hadn’t been happy about his daughter (Ariel from the Little Mermaid) getting married. Sheldon used his Green Lantern lantern and Husby and the others had nightlights in buckets (or something) to try to defeat this creature. They were all running around the local high street doing this.
#2 As we walked to the local high street (for real, this time) Husby looked into a garden we passed and suddenly commented “Is that a real cat!” I hope you don’t think too harshly of me for making fun of him the rest of the way to the shops…
(I also suggested he finish thinking before he spoke next time – his defense had been “I was thinking about it out loud”)

— 5 —

I may be getting a handle on my competitive side. I have lost three games this week and have managed not to be a nightmare about it. I’ve just enjoyed the fun and the time spent in good company whilst playing them.

— 6 —

I’ve noticed a pattern in how I treat box-sets of DVDs. I tend to get obsessed with them, then, once I’ve finished the entire set, I’m ok. Then I wait a year or so and watch them feverishly again. I have so many programmes on box set now, it’s quite ridiculous. I am rich indeed in sources of mindless entertainment.

— 7 —

I’ve discovered a chocolate I think I quite like. Unusually. I tend to eat chocolate if I’m offered it (sometimes) and not go out of my way to seek it (unlike Husby, who is the chocoholic in this house) but I was given some salted caramels for Christmas and they’re actually rather scrummy. Almost savoury in flavour, which is a little weird. I’ve not been sure about them, so I’ve eaten one every so often to check, and I think they’re not bad at all. It’d be good to know I’m not the only person out there who a)isn’t usually that bothered about chocolate and b)has to sometimes try something a few times to check whether it’s good eating or not. Feel free to offer your words of wisdom.

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary @Moxie Wife!

6 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes #12

  1. Husby has a cell biology book – perhaps I'll give that a try.

    I'm always astonished at how we turn into our older relatives. I am on course for turning into my Mother – I keep finding I have the same habits, same turns of phrase, same ideas. It's very worrying considering how determined I was as a teenager to be my own person. Still, I think my Mum's pretty awesome, so I could do worse.

    I shall continue to seek a fellow non-lover of chocolate. One day, perhaps 😉


  2. Good for you, getting to bed on time! Sorry you can't actually fall asleep, though. Perhaps try reading the most boring thing you can think of? I used to read my husband's law school books to help me nod off.
    I am quite amazed at how much I enjoy connecting with people I've never met in person. When I talk to my family about someone I met online, I almost feel like I'm becoming my grandma, who talks about the newspaper cartoon stories like they are real-life people. Odd feeling.
    And, I love chocolate. I am of no use to you in that area.


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