What a way to begin

Welcome to 2013.

Or, if you prefer, happy 7th day of Christmas.

So this should be the day of 7 swans a-swimming. Sadly this day has had nothing so graceful about it, but (and this is just as well) has been thoroughly smothered, dolloped and doused in familial love.

To look on the bright side, Husby (who just told me he thought that “the character of ‘Husby’ should play a larger role” – this is it, hun) did highlight that delightful silver lining in one succinct sentence, but bear with me – we’ll get to that later.

So. Last night. The Big Night. The evening we go out and wave a merry goodbye to the Old Year we’ve struggled through and welcome in the New Year with good cheese, 14 year old port, fireworks and (apparently, London) Willy Moon.

Today, first of the New Year, we were meant to be going out en masse, bringing the kiddies to the beach. Alas, Neff was poorly (auspicious) and stayed behind while a tired, sad and crying niece (auspiciouser still) was brung to the beach (fear not, she chirped up after a nap and some food), which was packed fullerer than I’ve ever seen it before In. My. Life. Because the day was sunny, shiney and beautiful. 100% on the good weather so far, ’13.

An early return and an invitation to stay for tea later, things were looking up. Snug in front of a coal fire, 2 games of Scrabble and some telly (a treat cos we haven’t one at home) with lovely family, it finally drew to a natural leaving point. So we did, and returned merrily home.

To find what looked like Husby’s bike lock on top of our neighbours’ bike shed in the driveway…and upon entering our garden, discovered that thieves had broken in (again) and stolen Husby’s bike.

Cue a phonecall to the police (why do I know their non-emergency number off by heart?) who have no leads at this time, but were very sympathetic. Husby suggested to them to try the same guy who took it last time, which I hope they’ll do.

Happy 2013, folks.

So as we recovered, Husby turned to me and remarked “Well at least you’re not dying.”

How’s that for a silver lining? Ladies and Gents, we have a winner.

On a whole other subject, how come there isn’t a Google answer for ‘Post-miscarriage, how many months will it be before I can be a few days late on my monthly without panicking it’s going to happen again?’?


10 thoughts on “What a way to begin

  1. The port was particularly amazing.

    We were given it by friends who don't like port but were given it themselves – they knew it was good, so kept it, then when they moved house, they offered it to us. Excellent friends that we are, we generously agreed to unburden them of it.


  2. Thank you! At least I know I'm not beyond the realms of the norm! You might be one of the most grounded people I e-know. I really appreciate your input and for letting me know I'm not just mental!


  3. Quite. The even funnier thing is that husby got an email from the bike shop TODAY telling him that his bike is due its second free service. I have a suspicion we might be living inside an Alanis Morissette song…


  4. What an positive person that husband of yours is. Glad to see him playing a larger role. 🙂
    And google doesn't have an answer because it's unlikely that you will ever be completely at ease about such things again. While I have given birth to six healthy babies, I have also had two miscarriages. I have been a nervous wreck many, many months.


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