7 Quick Takes #11

Having thought for a while considered momentarily what my topic for these takes would be, I’ve settled on a breakdown of my seven favourite Christmas presents and why.
I have a proviso – if you gave me a present and yours isn’t on my list, it’s not that I don’t love it, it just didn’t make my top 7 for a variety of reasons and if you are prepared to read further than this, I assume that you are relinquishing your right to be offended and I will suffer no backlash…
So here, in no particular order, are my top 7.

— 1 —

Star Trek Voyager – the full journeyI’ve always been more of a Trekkie than a Star Wars fan, but growing up without a telly meant I never really got into any of it. Fear not – enter best friend and a weekend away with her box set and I’m hooked. Admittedly this present was one I got to ask for rather than a lucky guess, but I’m blessed with a Husby who delights in getting me stuff I want. Onward with the watching!

— 2 —

Oil spiral timerI had one of these when I was a kid and spent HOURS watching the little blobs of oil drip down and plop into the reservoir at the bottom. My darling Sister saw one in a toy shop whilst we were looking for prezzies for other people, saw my face and got it for me. Course, by Christmas I’d forgotten all about it, so it was an actual, real surprise. Love it.

— 3 —

Tree OrnamentsI have a long, long tradition (now joked about each Christmas) of being quite rigid about what goes on the tree; in short, everything. I have lollipop stars I made in playgroup, mish-mosh felt stockings made in infant school, a little man with a tire who *must* grace the branches every year, and the most special of all; a little set of wooden decorations which were so beloved of my sister and I that when we all moved out, my Dad had his brother make an identical set so that we didn’t need to argue over who got them (there’s a similar argument going on about my Mum’s old broom and washing basket, but that’s a story for another day).
When I moved in with Husby after we got married, I was slightly apprehensive about Christmas, as we wouldn’t have many of the old favourite ornaments and would have to start amassing our own. Fear not, we have striven well and overcome – our borrowed tree this year has nearly fallen over several times on account of pretty much each and every branch holding an ornament.
New this year include a fabric-coated be-hearted and be-buttoned bauble, two glass snowmen (one each for Husby and me), a felt Christmas Pudding, a German china bauble depicting a Christmas snow scene, a real silver bauble-of-a-bauble and (prizes for the most wonderfully random here) a china dog and a china castle, both adorned with shamrocks.

— 4 —

The HorologiconA wonderful, hilarious book by Mark Forsyth looking at the provenance of some of the lost words which could be used throughout the day. Bought for me by my best friend Meanderer as a Christmas gift, given weeks ago and (this’ll teach me not to wait til after Christmas to open presents) bought by me, for myself, a couple of days ago. She just knows me.
This book is very important if you find yourself given to uhtceare (lying awake pre-dawn and worrying) as you’ll have something to read. Not that I am; I’m more likely to be found slooming (that is to say, appearing to attend to my work whilst almost-unnoticeably being asleep.

— 5 —

Christmas StockingAnother long-held tradition (which I think was momentarily considered redundant when me and my Sister variously moved out…nope!) which results in a stocking (same one we had as kids) full of lovely, gorgeous surprises, usually including (though not limited to) Smarties, glowsticks, chocolate coins, pretty tissues (though not this year), puzzles, bath goodies, an orange, spinning top, hair doo-dahs, ink stampers, little toys, note pads, magnets, pencil with a christmassy rubber on the end, flashing badges, ornaments etc etc etc.
I love having a stocking every year, and am sooooooo happy that my dear Mum continues to make one each for my sister and I. (Though to be fair, for the last X number of years we’ve also made her one, too.)

— 6 —

The Family CookbookFor the longest time I’ve been wanting to get my hands on many of my Dad’s recipes (he’s an amazing, wonderful cook) and he’s been fobbing me off saying he’s putting them in a cookbook and only giving me hints on one recipe at a time. Well, this year I got the cookbook including all the old favourites of his like chicken pie, armpit pie (not remotely gross, even though it sounds it), lemon sponge pudding, chopped liver, lemon meringue pie, bacon pudding, barley sugar, bird-cage cheesecake, mincemeat, Christmas pudding and lots, lots more. So happy.
(I already found some which were missing, so bring on the first set of revised additions…)

— 7 —

Not fair to exclude money and vouchersPerhaps not so ‘individual’ as the others, but I’m not fussy – I have planned at least an hour browsing in my favourite bookshop to find purchases for some of the vouchers, and have already decided that some of the things I want to buy for myself include shoes and clothes (not usual for me, but there ya go!) – ones which are fancier than normal and so could not be included in ‘household’ budget.
The great thing about doing these Quick Takes is they really help a person get some perspective on just how good life can be. Feel free to join in.

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