Oh sweet meltdown

Today was a bust.

I’m sure most of you know what I mean when I say that today was barely worth getting up for. Started badly with yet another late night followed by a rude (but invited and arranged by me) awakening when my Mum turned up to collect some Christmas presents to distribute on my behalf and drop some off for us to distribute on hers.

Cue discovering (after two trips to the shed in the pouring rain) that the present she was to pass on was nowhere to be seen.

On asking Husby nicely at first then in increasingly aggressive/stressed tones of voice where the **** the present was and him choosing to deal with this by not responding after the first (or second?) “Don’t know. Have you tried the box?” I lost the plot a little and Mother dearest went away to return for the present later (bless her presence of mind).

[Disclaimer – to be fair to Husby, he’d had a hypo in the night and was probably more wrecked than I was]

A third trip to the shed in the wazzing rain gave me time to find the bag with the present.

Not in the corner by the other presents.

Not near the other presents.
Half squashed under a pile of boxes.

Husby’s boxes.

I went to town.

[Disclaimer – He’s still alive] 

Presents indoors (the one sent off with my sweet Mum, who came back for it 15 minutes later) and wrapping paper out, cue sullen, sulky, grumpy attempts at wrapping.

Wrapping, and discovering that when Husby said earlier this week that he’d wrapped all the presents for family in Ireland and sent them off with his mother, this was not, in fact, the case.

Enter Husby, offering to help, met with silent resistance.

20 minutes pass in relative peace and grumpiness before a teary demand to know WHY he’d done all these things.

Cue a short introspective look at our whole relationship. It’s probably fine.

Then a coldish shower (boiler just not really doing hot water lately) and the realisation that I’ve missed an assignment deadline.

Oh crap.

Husby agreed to go to the shops to do his doings and post the now-wrapped Irish presents. I tried to get on with my assignment only to find that the version of MS Word I was running had, well, run out.

Enter Husby to rescue my laptop from being punched to next week (it being new and all) and install Open Office to enable me to continue.

Assignment sent with half-hearted apology to my tutor (it won’t be marked) and the fug of grey which had been threatening to overwhelm me all day did a damn good job of making me forget what happened next. Could’ve been anything. I might even have wrapped more presents – who knows.

Husby returned with Subways. That helped. Then we wrapped the remainder of the presents. That helped too. Then a phonecall telling me that Niece is not going to stay over tonight (likely just as well).

Then escapism into Youtube for the rest of the day, culminating with a tiny lift in mood by the time I write this.

Merry Christmas Meltdown, everyone. Here’s to a much, much easier 2013 – and here’s how.

[Disclaimer – I do realise that the content of this entire post is one large first-world problem, but today got to me, as days are sometimes wont to do. If you don’t like it, feel free to click the red ‘x’ anytime now. If (on the other hand) you’d like to leave any words of solidarity, I welcome you with open arms and wish you oodles of peace and a handy pocket-sized can of Anti-Panic to help you manage your own turbulences.]


2 thoughts on “Oh sweet meltdown

  1. That was a bad day. Poor you. Doesn't matter if it's first-world problem or not.
    Four times this afternoon I've yelled at grouchy, argumentative children, “Merry Christmas! You're going to enjoy it!” Really puts everyone in the holiday spirit.
    Hope tomorrow is better.


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