‘Aha’ moments

I read today on another blog about numbing behaviours and how they can be very, very bad for you. Interestingly, one of those cited was taking less sleep. Hmmmmm. Rung a few bells for me, that did.

So I spent the day doing my normal things – I did some work, saw my MIL, spent time with Husby, spent time alone. And now in review, I am pleased to say that I can tick off most of the cited ‘exhale moments’ suggested on the blog as needing to be present in life for life to be hale and healthy:

Before you go to bed, take a moment to mentally review your day.  Count up how many moments of ‘exhale’ you had today– moments of gratitude, stillness, pure joy,  laughter, presence,  deep connection, or even pain that feels weirdly like beauty?

if you are going through day after day with fewer than  6  of these, this is a sign you are running on empty and possibly running from something.

Have to say, with a list of only 7, that doesn’t leave much margin for error, but here goes. A little test to see if my life feels like running NOT on empty…

Gratitude – Husby saw my face when we walked into a store which looked like Christmas had thrown up in it. He immediately offered to buy me a few things if I wanted them. Oboy did I want them! Found some beauties and he smiled and paid.

I love them all.

Stillness – Today (as other days lately) this has been provided by this beautiful music video by MNDR

Pure joy – Discovering this blog post containing multitudinous illusion videos, all of which are utterly, utterly awesomely mind-bending. My favourite (if you want a simple preview of just one) was the Amazing Pendulem Wave Effect (below)

Laughter – There must have been some….

Presence – The cake we ate earlier had presence. It was BIG cake, beautifully presented, and as I discovered when I asked, made specially for that one outlet by an ex-cruise-ship-chef. I had pear and almond torte with mango coulis, decorated with physalis. Husby had chocolate layer torte. MIL had a scrumptious rum and raisin cheesecake. If I had one of those fancy phones-that-take-photos you could see, as it is, you can have the fond memory spelled out.

Deep connection – Husby – nuff said, even when we fall out

Pain that feels weirdly like beauty – Chatting to MIL about the miscarriage. She’s a midwife and knows about these things. Wouldn’t say the word though, it was “mis…” and a knowing look. Sensitive and yet somehow it disconcerted me. Reminded me I am a mother though, even if there’s nothing no-one to show for it.

So I’m ok. 6/7. Strange though; I didn’t think laughter would be the one missing.


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