A joy day

Today was just what was needed. We even got given a card of encouragement which summed up today with its illustration (by the incredible Edward Monkton)

After a fabulous night out at a friend’s house last night, eating scrummy home cooking and watching one great Christmas film and half of one weird one, Husby and I got up early this morning;it was the birthday of one of my longest-standing friends-and-relations and Husby and I popped a couple of counties over to visit him and spend the day doing lovely things.

These included a fab (if pricey) meal at Coast to Coast, a game of bowling (yes, with the buffers up, because we’re all totally rubbish and between us bowled only about 10 non-bouncers), lost some small change on the zippy, flashy, bip-pingy coin slider games, which seem like they’re always *just* on the verge of dumping the coins down into the chute, watched a gorgeous sunset over the marina then wandered into a superstore to do some Christmas shopping, buy my friend a birthday cake (we ended up with individual ice-cream style cupcakes; they were delish) and top up on petrol at one of the cheapest stations I’ve found lately (SO not looking forward to January when petrol (and everything else) goes up by another 3p. Seriously, £1.33 a litre minimum? Are you kidding, dear government, who just cut funding on SO many things and yet left corporate tax suspiciously untouched and generous? What’s that about?).

 We got lost on the way back and had an impromptu journey in the opposite direction before finding a roundabout to turn round at and go the right way, which evened things up as we also took a small detour on the way there.

On arriving home I fell into bed for a (very short) nap before whizzing off round to the Family Home to help my Mum and Aunty decorate the tree. Husby, Mum and I decorated (very specific order of upnitude, our Christmas tree has – lights, then beads, then tinsel, then baubles, then lametta, then chocolates) whilst Aunty wrote a pile of cards, all in front of the fire, listening to Bach’s Christmas Music. Bliss. Utter bliss.

Then we topped the day off by watching White Christmas, laughing at the jokes, welling up at the sad bits and joining in with the songs, like we do every year (and like Husby’s learning to do). And had sandwiches and crisps at 11pm.

A beautiful, relatively simple, joy, joy, joy day.


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