Advent and the advent

Advent – a time of candles, calendars, chocolate, Jesse trees (for some) and anticipation for everyone who celebrates Christmas, whatever their beliefs.

Advent with a small ‘a’ is defined as ‘a coming into place, view or being; arrival’. This is the spirit of what I think I have entered (with help) over the last day or so. The advent of my children is here. Whatever unknowns tomorrow’s appointment holds, whatever red tape, bureaucracy and BS the adoption agencies and social workers have in store, the facts remain. We will have children. The child-shaped holes in my heart will be filled. And as with all parents-to-be, I’ll have to wait to find out by whom.

So in the spirit of advent, I’d like to share a facebook link. I can’t find the vid on Youtube (sadly) but it’s one of the more impressive Advent flashmobs I’ve seen. Enjoy.


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