A kernel of truth

I had some wonderful moments today – nothing groundbreaking, nothing mindblowing – just some little snippets of life you might enjoy. I will enjoy the telling, if nothing else.

  • There is a stereotype across the pond in the US of A for policemen and donuts to be inextricably linked. I’m not sure how or why this link began but it has been parodied in popular culture ever since. Today I saw my first bona fide British Policeman in Tesco buying the BIGGEST box of Krispy Kremes. An actual policeman with actual donuts. American ones. What is the world coming to? To be fair, another customer (undoubtedly as bemused as I) asked said policeman about the donuts and it turned out to be the chap’s birthday and he was buying a treat for the boys and gals in blue at his station. Bless. 

  • I’ve found a source of info on the parent experience of sibling group adoptions, which is fantastic as I’ve struggled to find one thus far. Thank goodness for the BAAF’s Facebook updates, which led me to The Puffin Diaries. I shall become a regular reader, I reckon.
  • I’ve listened to a lot of the below – written by Vivaldi for the choir in the children’s home where he worked so that they could gain publicity and funding. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but it’s great anyways.

  •   I got to help out this afternoon at a local school where I’m a governor and was in with the 4 and 5 year olds. Some of them were incredibly cute and friendly and it was lovely to be so warmly welcomed and accepted by them. Still not convinced by the whole ‘school’ thing, though.
  • This last one isn’t in and of itself happy, as it’s about a couple of young chaps who no-one seems to know or care too much about but the positives are that there ARE people out there who care, and hopefully some who can become his forever family – read all about Brett, who has the cutest face, and Bobby – the boy with the stunning eyes.
  • Bonus last one, with breaking news that Wills and Kate are expecting. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly for them as I should imagine that being pregnant in the public eye will be terrifying enough without the prospect of negotiating any complications in public!

I will leave you with one of my favourite quotes from the Bible; one I find very reassuring, particularly on the not-so-wonderful days.

My grace is sufficient for you: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. (2 Cor 12:9)

 When I see this, I usually think something along the lines of “Fantastic, I just discovered a whole load of new weaknesses and failings – let God have them and use them for good stuff.”


4 thoughts on “A kernel of truth

  1. Sounds like your donut shops are the equivalent of the British 'greasy spoon' cafe – fried breakfast and a cup of tea were sold and possibly little else.

    Good gravy – not heard that one before 🙂 Don't worry about sounding like your Grandma; there are people who'd call that being something of an oral historian and be quite respectful and pleased you shared.


  2. This was way before expensive coffee shops and healthy eating were the norm. There used to be a commercial about a guy who had to roll out of bed in the middle of the night, and all he did was mumble, “Time to make the donuts,” over and over again. Donut shops only made donuts and only had two choices for coffee; caffeine or no. All for less than a dollar.
    Good gravy, I'm starting to sound like my grandma. I'm old. I must stop now. 🙂


  3. Wow that's a great answer. Now I want to know why donut shops (of all places) were open so early in the morning before everywhere else.

    I reckon the world'll know about Will and Kate by now. Cue 6-or-so months of intense scrutiny, poor things.


  4. Ha! As a policeman's daughter, I know the answer. Doughnut places used to be the only things open so early in the morning. In order to keep thieves away, the doughnut shops would give policemen free doughnuts if they hung out in their uniforms. I don't think that is still the practice, though.
    As for Will and Kate, so happy for them. As I was checking out at the grocery store, I saw the news on a rag mag. I don't believe those things until I get some confirmation, though. It is going to be so hard for them to enjoy this time with any privacy, though.


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