7 Quick Takes #6

— 1 —

It’s just been a day of being thankful, and in spite of everything, I discovered there was actually a LOT I am thankful for at the moment. Not least of these things that there might be children of our own in our future. *phew*

— 2 —

Youtube is a very strong draw, tempting me away from paying attention and getting on (with useful, sensible things like sleeping or writing the article I’m meant to be submitting soon) offering me wonderful videos to watch about why we think things are cute, or how to make a mathematically perfect Thanksgiving feast (I particularly enjoyed the ‘mathed’ potatoes) and things far more esoteric and less edifying.

— 3 —

Am pretty much prepared for Christmas. We made our Christmas cards last weekend and last night completed our present-buying. Good grief Christmas is expensive! We’re not even buying anything much for people! However, I *hope* we’ve got things that our friends-and-relations will like. And if not, they can lump it! Bah humbug.

— 4 —

Being still relatively new to the blogosphere, it’s encouraging how many people are prepared to bare their lives, thoughts and actions to public scrutiny, and in fact it’s been very helpful. The experiences of people I don’t know but can read about are variously warming, strengthening, entertaining, distracting, heartbreaking, and in a strange way, condoning (for instance regarding grief – it’s good to hear other people’s experiences and feel that mine aren’t so ‘out there’ after all, but definitely fall within the bell-curve of ‘normal’). I’m rather pleased to be a part of it, and if anything I say here interests, entertains or helps any reader, I am quite prepared to take full credit – that’s what it’s all about.

— 5 —

Discovering this weekend how being emotional then trying to keep going can really take it out of you. I refer you to #2. And the fact that I could hardly get out of bed today and haven’t done anything sensible like gotten dressed. I am but a few steps away from stewing in my own filth and care not a jot. Let the world carry on – today I have stopped it and got off.

— 6 —

I have a strong suspicion that the adoption agencies aren’t going to send info of their own accord. Might be time to give them a ring. Or wait ’til after the fertility appointment. Hate all the not knowing – it’s very difficult to plan ahead when the goalposts keep changing.

— 7 —

My Dad has (allegedly) finished his recipe book. He’s an awesome cook and through my life I’ve enjoyed his cooking. He’s finally been able to compile some of his best recipes and write them down. I was a little disconcerted to find that only on a couple of the recipes has he included any amounts! His reassurances of “You’ll know how much to use” fell slightly on panicked ears – all very well for him; he’s been cooking them long enough to know! I shall have to work the trial-and-error way, I think.

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