Home again, home again jiggety jig

I’m home. Thank goodness.

Not that I didn’t have an absolutely smashing time – I really did. I enjoyed every moment (well, perhaps ‘enjoy’ is a bit strong for strimming til I felt my hands might fall off, but you know what I mean), but it was just terrible, terrible timing.

By now anyone who cares to have read through my recent posts will know all about the miscarriage and ongoing fall-out.

Tomorrow we have Husby’s appointment. This will (hopefully, please?) tell us whether or not we’ll be able to have our own children and what the window of time for that looks like.

We’re still waiting to hear back from the adoption agency – so much for being falling over themselves nation-wide to find prospective adopters. Hah!

And tomorrow is Thanksgiving (well, if you’re American at home, it is).

I just SO hope we have something to be thankful for by the end of the day.

So for now I leave you with today’s favourite song:


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