And on with the week

Back to my work placement today for my final week, cut short because Husby’s appointment got moved up unexpectedly to Thursday. Thank goodness, in a way, because I had a very up-and-down weekend, culminating in the weirdness (and wonderfulness) that was leaving my Sister’s birthday party in the middle to go to the memorial service with Husby, then returning for tea, cake and Niece-and-Nephew therapy. They’re very, very good at that, and distracting if nothing else.

I began reading another ‘pre-adoption’ book this morning – ‘First Steps in Parenting the Child Who Hurts: Tots and Tiddlers‘ by Caroline Archer, who managed to say some very sensible-but-so-basic-I-hadn’t-considered-them things in the first chapter. And thereonout. Things like scent being so important to people, especially to babies, and that to ease their transition into your home, bring a blanket or bedding from where they’ve been staying and try to find out what washing powder has been used so that you can buy and use the same, thus ensuring a degree of continuity for them.

Obvious but not.

The drive back to my placement was not so fraught and the day has been busy so I’ve had no time to dwell on my sorrows. Now I have time, I don’t seem to be dwelling, but a wise friend said to me yesterday that grief does funny things and works different ways in different people. He read this Celtic prayer at the memorial service, and I thought it rather wonderful. It’s called ‘Walking with Grief’ and is by George MacDonald

Do not hurry
as you walk with grief;
it does not help the journey.
Walk slowly, pausing often:
do not hurry
as you walk with grief.
Be not disturbed
by memories that come unbidden.
Swiftly forgive;
and let Christ speak for you
unspoken words.
Unfinished conversation
will be resolved in Him.
Be not disturbed.
Be gentle with the one
who walks with grief.
If it is you,
be gentle with yourself.
Swiftly forgive;
walk slowly,
pausing often.
Take time, be gentle
as you walk with grief.

Rather beautiful and very nurturing. I shall try to bear it in mind.

Roll on the Thursday appointment, when we should learn how soon infertility will be rendered by medication, whether other medications can be gotten rid of, and whether we might be eligible for any funded assistance with having a natural child in good time or post-infertility.

Roll on Christmas.

Roll on 2013. Surely it *has* to be better?


4 thoughts on “And on with the week

  1. This is it – it's *so* obvious when you think of it! Yes, the author even focusses on the way different smells trigger memories for us, and thinks it's a really vital thing to manage properly. She's an adoptive parent herself (as well as just being awesome, imho) so I guess she knows what she's on about.

    Let's all have a great 2013, shall we?


  2. Never in a million years would I have thought about the scent being soothing for a child moving into your home. Duh. Certain scents bring back all sorts of memories for me, why wouldn't it for a child. Sounds like you have found a great author.
    Here's to a fruitful 2013!


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