7 Quick Takes #5

— 1 —

Working on a koi farm, even one as smoothly run as Cuttlebrook, is hard work. And this is in the ‘lower maintenance’ season. Wow! I know I’m a soft city-dweller, but muscles ache, skin is scratched and sleep has been very deep this week. It is SUPER fun though, and very interesting. There is LOTS of variety in the job.

— 2 —

I have had some weird dreams this week, including adopting an old lady and trying to get her to tell me where she’d hidden something, sharing a bong with friends and riding around in a wheelbarrow at a party (for the record, I’ve never done this), being hi-fived then rugby-tackled off my feet by a beautiful drag queen in a sparkly black evening dress. I’ve been reading M. Scott Peck’s ‘The Road Less Travelled’ and he seems to think that our dreams are connected to things we know about, but don’t want to or aren’t able to acknowledge consciously, so our subconscious airs them through our dreams. Goodness knows what conclusion he’d arrive at with the concoction above! Any thoughts? Feel free to share. My unconscious life is clearly quite a riot.

— 3 —

Fish are really tough to photograph. I haven’t a fancy polarising lens, so it’s even harder to get a good pic, but there were a few. My fave is below – the chagoi (brown koi) are reputed to be friendliest, and they were certainly keenest to see what the camera was all about.

— 4 —

I find apples a real chore to eat. A friend and I were discussing our experiences of different foods. He loves apples. Loves them. I eat them because they’re good for me. So without further ado; my experiences of fruit.
Apples – like doing the washing up.
Plums – like someone gave me a small present
Bananas – like snuggling up on the sofa with a good book
Pineapple – the excitement of going on holiday
Mango – the excitement of being on holiday
Oranges – like opening the door in the morning and taking a big lungful of fresh air
Grapes – little hugs
Pears – getting dressed at the beach and having sand stuck inside all your clothes
Watermelon – someone gave me a BIG present
Other melon – Someone smiled at me and meant it
Kiwi – licking a carpet
Dragonfruit – an exotic evening in a restaurant by the sea with twinkly lights
I’m sure there could be some kind of -ology of peoples experiences of food.

— 5 —

It’s been a fab week, but I’m SO looking forward to being back home and seeing Husby again and catching up without having to use Skype. Wahey!

— 6 —

I still have a veritable stack of books about adoption to read, and am enjoying the subject immensely. Violetta and Gretchen still need homes though, and it can’t be me – anyone here fancy being their Mum or Dad?

— 7 —

I must learn to eat the apple first. I am now nearly at the end of my lunch plate and still have most of the apple. Gah!

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2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes #5

  1. I'd agree, but my dreams are usually that weird. Perhaps I just remembered them better because all I've been doing has been koi.

    I like Braeburn apples. They're the least chore-y for me. And applesauce is good. And apple cake. Perhaps I like apples IN things rather than as a stand-alone fruit. Hmmm. Wonder what other food-ologies there are out there…


  2. I'm thinking the week with the koi is doing something to your brain. Those are some seriously odd dreams!
    I love your fruitology. I couldn't agree more about the pear. Evil stepsister of the apple, it is. I do love a good, crunchy apple. Mushy apples rank right up there with pears, though.


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