A busy, beautiful day

My first full day of work placement went without a hitch. I got to take some wonderful photographs as the place basked in the morning sun (which then disappeared into the haze within about 30 minutes, then reappeared later).

I saw a kite (bird, not toy) and learned how to build a BIG bonfire, then, later, that a still day with no wind to fan the flames is not the best day for a bonfire. Then I learned how to take down the big bonfire and start again.

I learned how to catch koi properly (I haven’t tried yet though) – you go slow and gently and try to cut off their exits.

I had the most amazing lunch. It was like a rainbow on my plate. And it tasted really good.

This evening I went out to a local koi club with the owner of the koi farm (he was giving a talk) and I entered a raffle and won a bottle of red wine. Not bad at all!

I’ve been reading a book by Kate Adie about adoption. There are so many diverse experiences of those who’ve been adopted, especially those who were foundlings. And historically SO many ways for a mother to give up her child.

And I never knew this before, but Vivaldi worked closely (for, like, 40 years) with a particular orphanage/hospital in Venice, and he conducted their choir and composed pieces for them, and in fact, his very-famous-and-beautiful ‘Gloria‘ came from that source. If you’re new to classical music, or Vivaldi, or the Gloria – you should definitely give it a try. It. Is. Stunning.

And imagine it sung by a choir of children (all female, as I recall from the book) who were showing off their talents to people who saw them as the dregs of society trying their best. What an amazingly beautiful vehicle for showing a little of their worth Vivaldi created for them.


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