Okay, wow!

Today has been a bit of a trial. More than the one, in fact!

First trial was getting to my work placement (as part of my course I’m working on a koi farm for a fortnight), knowing that I had to navigate a notoriously horrible ring road around Oxford. I borrowed SatNav (which I don’t entirely trust) and had a map.

Trial by road
The SatNav plug kept falling out of the car, so I’d be negotiating a particularly complex exit/roundabout/whatever and it would suddenly announce “Power source lost – turning off in 30 seconds unless you’d like me to drain my battery” so I’d have to try to jam it back in without taking my eyes off the road. After a while I got used to the heralding ‘click’ which meant it’d come loose, so was shoving it back in automatically. It happened a lot, though.

Then, because I don’t trust SatNav (I remember one of my friends-and-relations trying to follow hers to a local attraction and ended up driving back and forth along a stretch of road bordering, but nowhere near the entrance to, the place) I was shuffling between my RAC print-out of directions as well, trying to double check that the SatNav was taking me the right way. It was all ok in the end and I arrived in once piece.

Trial by stuff
But I forgot the bread. And my gilet, which I was counting on to keep me warm. Botheration.

Trial by chainsaw
That sounds much worse than it was! There’s a large reed bed where the tanks all drain down to (so that the water drawn from the brook can have any extras taken out by the nutrient-hungry plants before being added back in) and it needs clearing. Like, industral clearing with a huge scooper thing with swamp tracks. There were trees in the way of anything trying to access the reed beds so the owner chainsawed the trees and I (and another chap) carried them around the corner of the reed bed to a bonfire and stacked them up.

We hauled a LOT of tree. Most of the pieces were 15ft plus.

But now it’s the end of the day. I am now clean and about to be fed (jacket ‘tater with cheese and beans, anyone? Oh yes!) and have a stack of books about adoption to read and wile away the evening. Huzzah. 


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