7 Quick Takes #4

Which could also be titled ‘A week that left me reeling’

— 1 —

My week took a very poor turn last Friday (hence no Quick Takes then) when I underwent the pain and unpleasantness of a miscarriage whilst trying to manage the stuff I’d already arranged. On a scale of Not Good to Terrible, it certainly verged towards the latter end of the scale for a few days, though I managed to avoid the need to stop the world and get off.

— 2 —

Two of the pre-planned things we had in store were to attend an adoption information evening run by our local council and then to have dinner and a long chat with a couple we know who have adopted. The former was very informative and quite scary, the latter managed to dispel some of the rather large doubts which had entered our minds. A wonderful evening was had by all, and we are back to being rather enamoured with the idea.

— 3 —

I’m still majorly gutted that the UK doesn’t seem to allow international special needs adoptions though, and hope that Violetta and Gretchen will find their forever families soon – they are both soooo gorgeous and will make wonderful daughters for the right people. Gertie’s been found already but I guess she’s still waiting.

— 4 —

People are beginning to post about Christmas (Christmas?!) in their blogs already. We’re readyish but I think it’s going to be a somewhat odd affair this year. We’re going to be trying to found a new Christmas Eve tradition with my sister, Niece and Neff by going round and reading my Dad’s old Rudolph book (not the traditional story as I recall) and watching The Snowman before having lunch together. Then we’re off in the avo to spend Christmas with Dad on his Island home. Should be lovely cos he’s an awesome cook and we’ll be well looked after. The drawback? A tiny flat and NO TREE! *sob*

— 5 —

The plus is we’ll be spending New Year with Mum and Aunty, who will have EPIC TREE – honestly, it’s the most wonderful tree in the world. Everything goes on – starting with lights, then beads, then baubles, then tinsel, then lametta – a proper Victorian-style extravaganza. Mum used to say wistfully “When you’ve moved out, I could do a themed tree – all ribbons or bows or red-and-gold.” Mum, it’s NOT going to happen. Promise. While we’re invited for any part of Christmas at your house, I will NEED the big tree.

— 6 —

This week I have mostly been listening to the incredibly cheesy ‘Boom Shack-A-Lack’ by the also very cheesy Apache Indian. You should check it out because it’s oh-so-very 90’s and utterly hilarious.

— 7 —

I’m going away for the next 2 weeks for work experience on a koi farm in Oxfordshire. It’ll be great fun, hard work and very interesting. I’m going to create a new blog to cover the fortnight and share what goes on – hopefully a few people might be interested (and if no-one reads it voluntarily, my college tutor will have to read it to grade the module for me, so I am assured an audience of 1, which is better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick. Have a good week and see you next Friday for more Quick Takes

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