7 Quick Takes #3

— 1 —

Caved today and put the heating on for the first time this autumn. Didn’t really want to (was hoping to hang it out til November) but today an arctic chill has pervaded the air and it’s definitely been scarf weather (did I take one? No I did not). SO earlier this evening we had a snuggly, delicious hour or so of toasty warmth, especially as I was cooking at the time (sausage bean-feast – the first official Winter Warmer meal. It was gorgeous) but now that Husby’s out for the evening I am snuggled in a blanket and dressing gown with freezing hands, not quite sure I can justify heating the whole flat just for my benefit.

— 2 —

The awesome No Doubt are back and I’m loving ‘Settle Down’ to the point that I’ve gotten so used to clicking the tab back to Youtube to replay it I sometimes forget I’ve been doing that for several hours! It’s wonderful.
Don’t take my word for it – listen here!

— 3 —

Halloween’s coming up and there seems to be a lot of glamourising of devils and demons and nasties. Pretty standard, given the roots of the tradition (dressing up to confuse the real nasties and make them not attack you, mistaking you for one of them) but…adunno…there seems to be a large blind spot when it’s so pervasively acceptable and enjoyed. And by some people who I bet would baulk at reading Harry Potter to their kids. Weird dichotomy.

— 4 —

A special family birthday tomorrow (not mine) and t’will be a wonderous day of fun and frolics and enjoying the autumn colours at Hillier’s Arboretum with a whole group of us including gorgeous Neff and Niece. Should be fantastic and the weather’s set to be cold-but-bright, so yay.

— 5 —

Found out this week that a couple who are close friends of ours are also planning to adopt – wheeeeeeeeeee! Company and sympathetic ears all round as we undergo this together. Also been invited to tea with another couple who have adopted twice so that they may impart knowledge to our waiting ears.

— 6 —

Looking VERY forward to my dear friend Meanderer’s confirmation this Sunday evening. There will be partying.

— 7 —

1st of November coming up – the Small Stones day, so will be (perhaps) making an effort to compose one or two more. Do join in 🙂

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