Oh the disappointment

Well I heard back today from someone at Reece’s Rainbows who appreciated me contacting them but let me know that at the moment the UK government does not allow international adoption of special needs children.

I. Am. Gutted.

Because there is a surplus of special needs kids here who need adopting (the reason I wanted to adopt internationally was because the special needs kids in some of those countries are neglected then transferred to mental institutions where they will eke out pitiful, and probably short, lives hallmarked by institutionalisation and suffering) so there are hardly likely to be scores of people clamouring for the extra hassle of international adoption, so really no reason for the government to worry about any particular drain on the NHS and taxpayer money (incidentally, more of which is saved in unclaimed benefits than is defrauded by scroungy losers).

So that appears to be that.

Apart from writing to local MPs to demand an explanation and to suggest they update their policy to give opportunities to those who’d quite like to prevent children from spending their whole lives in hellish places for something as relatively straightforward and treatable as being deaf, HIV+ or having Treacher Collins syndrome.

I was challenged today on my desire to adopt internationally, and I think rightly so, but my particular heart was for one of these children with special needs who so desperately need relief from their current (and future) existence.

I think I agree that it is unhelpful to remove from their culture and country a ‘normal’ child who may well stand a chance of domestic adoption and who, if they one day want to trace their roots, will meet significant cultural/language barriers to reconnecting with their birthplace and any family they may have. So I guess I will not be pursuing international adoption any further.

Which leaves domestic adoption, which (as I understand it) is a red-tape-bound terror.

So, sweet Violetta, adorable Gretchen and lovely Apollo – I will hold you in my thoughts and pray that someone finds you soon.

4 thoughts on “Oh the disappointment

  1. You weren't the only challenger, dear, don't worry. And I think it was right to challenge cos it made me think it through in a bit more depth than the emotional knee-jerk reaction of 'I want to look after them all'


  2. It's very frustrating but having researched a bit more, I think it's particularly to do with the benefits system here which and SEN child would allow you to access (they don't want to be taken advantage of, even to help one of these angels)


  3. I only challenged you because I know you – you set your heart on things being done in one particular way and then get a bit blinkered about it. I just wanted to be sure that you weren't cutting off the proverbial nose to spite the metaphorical face 🙂 x


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