7 Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —

After my rapturous description of making such a wonderful tiramisu yesterday and feeling quite Nigella-ish, it turned out not to taste that good. Husby thought it was yummy (fine, he can finish the rest – and there was lots of it left cos I’m not sure my friends liked it all that much either) but I was very much less than impressed by that sour tang that comes with using yoghurt instead of double cream. That’ll teach me to try to create a wonderful low fat dessert! Lesson learned – bring on the cream!

— 2 —

Still keep having weird dreams! I mean really weird. With some reference to reality and then the absolute bizarreness takes over and I am left with no idea what’s going on (except when I dream about roomsful of broken toilets – we all know what that dream means!). Last night’s offering involved Me, Husby, Mum, Sister and Mila Kunis all house sharing in our tiny 1 bed flat, but we had the gardens of a stately home and were flitting back and forth to the summer house. Then my Mum complained that I couldn’t share her sausages until I’d cleaned the bathroom…

— 3 —

I’ve come across a wonderful charity and been trying to get more involved in the last couple of months (mostly by going to look at it more) and want to publicise how wonderful it is – step on over to Reece’s Rainbow and gaze at some of the lovely kids in such desperate need of a home. I’m hoping for a UK equivalent of this organisation.

— 4 —

And while I’m at it, let me share my new favourite song – I listened to it on a loop last night (the night before it was a hassidic hit ‘Tell Her’ – at least that’s what Google told me when I put the funky characters in and asked it to translate to English)and it’s a beaut. SUCH easy listening and from a soul diva who I think many more people should have heard of – this is ‘How Many Times’ by the incomparable Mavis Staples

— 5 —

Every time I sit and wish we weren’t dirt poor I can’t get out of my head all the positives and lovely things and learning that has happened while we’ve been struggling through it. Not sure I have the right to keep wishing, but I do.

— 6 —

Fiction blogging is fun. I think every blogger should try it. Means that you don’t have to go through (what I understand to be) the agony of trying to write, proofread and edit an entire book. Little snippets of wonderful fiction, written at your leisure (cos if it’s not real and you have a particularly inspired hour, you can bang out a few posts to place on the site at intervals) – my first effort, ‘Diary of a Zoo Dog’

— 7 —

Lying in bed wondering how to get more exercise is going to achieve precisely nothing.

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6 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. I think there might well be some planned character alterations occurring. Am hoping if I submit to them sooner than later things might change, but I don't think that's really how it works. I'll keep hanging and thanks for the encouragement


  2. There was a time (first married) when we too were SO poor, and yet I'd say in many ways it was the time we were closest to God, and looking back I can see what a blessing to our characters it was. Hang in there{}


  3. Heheh I'm not sure I've ever had a sensible dream. Except the kind where you get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, go to work…then your alarm goes off and you get up, get dressed, eat breakfast and go to work annoyed that you've had to do it twice that day.


  4. Why thank you. It's actually shockingly easy and requires no actual cooking (don't tell!)

    I sometimes think the weird dreams come from our brains defragging – like you I can sometimes see links to real life…and then there are times when they're just so bizarre I can't imagine how the subject got into my brain to be defragged!


  5. I'm impressed that you even attempted tiramisu! Good for you.

    Excited to check out the fiction blog. I doubt I would have time, though…I can hardly keep up with my own reality!

    And what is it with weird dreams lately? Some of them I can attribute to something that happened during the day or a TV or news clip I heard in passing, but some of them literally come out of nowhere. And I mean NOwhere! Is it God's sense of humor? I don't get it…


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