The gift that gives

I love giving stuff to people. It brings me enormous pleasure to see their faces when I’ve found just the right thing. And I love putting effort into things I give people – paintings, cards, little notes etc. I wish I could do it more.

Yet despite our horrendous financial situation, somehow, we’re still just about managing it. For instance, a group of us are heading out tonight round to a friend’s house to play games. And each of us will bring a pudding. So instead of buying something ready made, I made tiramisu. Simple, not dead cheap, but SO much nicer than shop-bought. And I had a lovely time making it, pottering around the kitchen whisking and soaking and arranging, getting husby to taste the mixture until I was certain it was perfick.

I really think that when you put thought and effort into a gift, the giving brings its own reward – not only are you giving the perfect present to someone you care about, you’re giving them a little piece of you, which lets them know for really how special they are to you.

And I’ll say this for low funding – it doesn’t half make you creative!

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