vs The present

It is already very difficult to remember the optimism I had a week ago in my post about The future – this week has happened and with it has come a further notch on the ‘degrees-of-financial-urgency-ometer’ and the knowledge that the local authorities charged by policy and by their own word with supporting people in our situation have utterly failed. For the past 9 weeks.

And so once again we are in the situation of going begging to our families to enable us to make rent (which they are more than happy to do) and I think, despite the fact that it pains me to keep drawing on their hard earned cash over and over again, that I am doing it graciously.

Because honestly there’s nothing left, except saying thank you and wanting to cry.

On a cheering note


One thought on “vs The present

  1. Your family's support is a gift from God! And no blessing is too much for one of His children. Perhaps the day will come when those who have given to you will need your help – or perhaps you will 'pay it forward' in some way. Either way God evidently thinks you're worthy of the help…and who are you to disagree with Him? 😛


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