The Future

Amazing the impact the future can have on one, especially considering that at best we’re making an educated guess about what’s going to happen – in reality there are all kinds of hitches, snags, complications, difficulties, unexpected pleasures and U-turns. And very occasionally it might all go according to plan.

So the plan is to move house to a wonderful, beautiful flat with room for a baby, and to get my name known in the world of aquatic-related publishing (a bigger and more intimidating arena than you might expect!). And even though nothing’s settled, nothing’s in concrete and I’m trying to hold it lightly, I can’t deny it – I’m VERY excited.

I’m so excited that everything seems to look a bit shinier, a bit more colourful, and the spectres of financial difficulty and family illness seem less threatening, less dense than they did the other day when it rained.

Which (possibly) goes some way to show the power of positive thinking – I am not 100% certain that any of this will occur in the manner I hope, yet I feel differently. Anything could happen, and yet I feel lighter.

And this might be worth bearing in mind, because although when in the valleys of upset and strife, it’s difficult just to conjure up ‘positive thoughts’, and I’ve never subscribed to the ‘if you believe in your dreams they’ll come true’ school of thought, there is something to be said for looking at the world through rose-tinted spectacles.

I thoroughly recommend it, and I hope that my dear friends-and-relations will remind me of this on the darker days, and that I’ll have the good sense to listen.


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