The temptation to be snide

People are valuable. Whoever they are, they are valuable. And worthwhile.

Their behaviour on the other hand…!

It’s a tough distinction to make sometimes and this week I’ve found it particularly hard (mature student in with a few other slightly less mature students and a large proportion of children young adults) as some of the people I’ve had to be in contact with have behaved incredibly immaturely and wound me right up.

And yes, a proportion of the blame could go to over-indulgent parents, perhaps, or the influence of peers, but there comes a time when an individual has to take responsibility for their behaviour.

It’s always better to build people up than tear them off a strip. And accepting the person doesn’t mean you have to endure their bad behaviour. So where’s the line? I must get to the bottom of this soon otherwise the rest of the academic year’s going to be a nightmare!

So for now lets put it down to ‘beginning of term high spirits’ and not judge.


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