A time to be thankful

The ‘end of holiday blues’ have ahold of me. And it’s absolutely peeing with rain. And I’m tired. And frankly I’m sick of peppy posts around the internet suggesting that life’s really all ok, or it will be. I think it might be time to crawl back into bed and shut the world out for a while.

I’m also rather irritated at how easily I fall into the trap of whinginess (happens a little too often for comfort) and how blind I am to the complacency thats set in.

Life can be a struggle at times, sure, and money’s tight


I have friends-and-relations who love me, and who I love dearly
I have a place to live
I have more than enough food
I have lots of things to keep me occupied
I have a college course to return to
I have ambitions and plans
I’m in a country where some of these might be possible

And many, many more blessings too numerous to count

And all it takes is a grey, cold day and some rain to make me feel thoroughly despondent about the whole lot. Pathetic.

Somewhere along the line I (and this could possibly be extrapolated to a large proportion of society) need to wake up and heave myself out of this mire. There are so many good things in my life and I should take more time to appreciate them.

I might even re-ignite my book of thanks, and I challenge you to try it with me – find a notebook and each day, write down 10 things you’re thankful for about that day. Anything. And I reckon we can slowly change our attitudes and begin, not only to see the good in each day, but to seek it and revel in its presence. And goodness knows I could do with a bit of revelling right now!


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