Glory, glory

Today we flew back home and whilst absent-mindedly staring out of the plane window, I was thrilled to see a phenomenon I had only ever read about and seen in photos.

Yes folks, today I saw my first glory.

My poor husby got immediately elbowed in the ribs and made to look (we’re both geeky card-carrying members of the Cloud Appreciation Society, so this was actually quite a big deal) and after agreeing with me that yes, it was very nice, he went back to his book.

I watched the beautiful big bullseye of rainbows follow us across the clouds and then decided I wanted to take a photo. Cue another nudge in the ribs for husby, who dutifully got up and fetched his camera from the overhead luggage for me to borrow.

At which point the clouds ran out.

So I sat twiddling the manual focus and desperately hoping the plane didn’t change direction before the next bank of cloud and was rewarded with some lovely (if faint) shots of those wonderful circular rainbows. Stunning.

Such an amazing thing, and only seen at altitude. Really makes it worth it. And wonderful to think of all the hidden ‘Easter eggs’ there are in the world which can only be accessed at altitude or at the right angle or at the bottom of the sea or in the middle of the rainforest or in deep conversation in the small hours.

We have a glorious world 🙂

[That one’s not my pic, but mine’s very similar – I will upload it when husby has transferred it from his camera]


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