Food, glorious food

Something about food which just makes life special. Particularly when shared with lovely family and good friends – there’s something about socialising and eating which just works.

I love food and I love my family and friends and the two things certainly seem to go together remarkably well.

I suspect it’s because when you go out and you can’t decide what to have, someone else’ll probably have ordered the thing you thought you might order but chose something else, and you can try some of theirs and check if you made the right decision.

But seriously, feasting in company is something done the world over, and there must be a reason for it.

Way, way historically speaking, perhaps the vulnerablitiy of stopping to sit down and eat was somewhat mitigated by the eyes of the group watching each other’s backs. More recently I suppose it was a way to show off one’s wealth by impressing them with a spread, or to share resources if one was poor.

Now we meet and eat just for the sheer pleasure of doing so, and it’s wonderful.

This evening was a goodbye dinner as myself and husby return to our home in the UK tomorrow, leaving behind the Irish family. It was a gorgeous restaurant (at first it seemed a little pretentious, but then as the food was served, we realised that no, it was really that good) looking out over the sandy beach at Bettystown (after the meal I went down in the dark onto the floodlit sands and a shivery husby kindly held my shoes and bag while I paddled up and down in the water)

I shall be sad to leave everyone behind – every time we visit I feel like the emotional connections grow ever deeper and it gets sadder and sadder to leave (though for the depth of emotional ties at home, I can’t see us ever not leaving) so now I am torn – happy and sad (and full) and looking forward to returning another time to break bread with these wonderful people who I am so blessed to have in my life.


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