Simple pleasures

This evening I went to a low key hen party and it was the MOST fun I’ve had in ages.

The wedding will occur on Wednesday and tonight’s revelries were hosted at the home of the groom’s parents. The bride (from San Francisco), the groom’s mother, aunt, sister, sister’s friend (all Irish) and I (English) ended up making paper hats from newspaper and taking photos of one another, then we had sandwiches and cakes, then played hide and seek, then the bride and I were taught to dance ceilidh and set dance style by her sister-in-law-to-be and the friend, then we all sat about the dining room table and sang whatever songs we knew together. Whoever didn’t know the words clapped or tapped feet or just joined in where possible.

It. Was. Super.

A real feeling of belonging and being at home and sharing our own efforts and joining in and simply celebrating the occasion and being in each other’s company. Wonderful. And certainly something we should all do more of. I know I shall try – I loved it.


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