Paying through the nose

I know prices are different in Ireland, and that things generally appear to cost more ’cause the euro is worth less than the pound, but 80 euro for a set meal for 3 in a chinese restaurant? Really? 

There are about a hundred better uses for at least 40 of those euro! In the end we convinced my mother in law that this was truly a rip-off and went down the road to the Golden Chopstick takeaway/restaurant and in far less opulent but nice enough surroundings, had WONDERFUL chinese food for less than 25 euro. Win.

So I wonder what else people try to convince us to pay through the nose for? Lots I suspect.

And it’s a funny term, isn’t it?

Interestingly enough it hails from whence I type this evening


Meaning: To pay a high price; to pay dearly. – Comes from the ninth-century Ireland. When the Danes conquered the Irish, they imposed an exorbitant Nose Tax on the island’s inhabitants. They took a census (by counting noses) and levied oppressive sums on their victims, forcing them to pay by threatening to have their noses actually slit. Paying the tax was “paying through the nose.”

Sounds about right…

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