On top of the world

I climbed a hill today. Not a big one really, just a little one; long and gently sloping upwards away from the town – the way back to my husby’s family home. It was windy and difficult to chat along the way but the sun was shining and every so often there were glimpses of an ever-improving view.

Ah the view. We got to the top of the hill and the view was gorgeous! Fields rolling away from us, covered in bales from the harvesting, a few homesteads here and there, the odd spire of a church poking up, and far away in the distance the hazy mountains of Carlingford. I wish I’d taken a camera with me to preserve the moment…stunning.

Made me think – the top of that little hill was so exhilarating with the sun and the wind and whatnot stopping me from really commenting too much on the views; I just had to look.

And perhaps that’s what we need to do more in life – less analysis, more sheer enjoyment.

Particularly after climbing up a hill.


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