A time to be quiet

A lesson this morning on the gift of silence, for with quiet and a lack of distractions we may focus on that which is important to us.

If we are too busy paying attention to mobile phones/the news/the radio/the tv/the internet, we can easily fall prey to the noise these things make and in listening to it we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to connect with family and friends (and to an extent ourselves).

It might be that you are in an isolated position or would like to suggest that the socialisation provided by connection to the internet is worthwhile, and it is, but nothing can or will supercede the potential for good and nurture within face-to-face relationships with other people.

Yes this will take hard work and yes it might prove uncomfortable and/or frustrating, especially if you feel you are the only one trying to make the effort, but do. It’s worthwhile – relationship is what we’re made to do.


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