Running on empty

Sadly the wrong kind of empty – not the kind which means I get less frustrated by the people around me; not the kind which releases me from disappointed expectations – the kind where the energy has come to an end before the list of Things To Do has been completed.

And I’m kinda on a deadline (5.30am tomorrow morning, to be precise) before jetting off to Potatoland to visit husby’s family and attend his friend’s wedding.

Which will all be lovely.

But there’s so much to do!

I’m sure so many people feel this way so much of the time. And yet the human body is a wonderful thing and each time we find somewhere deep within a tiny reserve package of ‘oomph’ – just enough to keep slugging away til it’s all done and there’s a chance to regroup.

So to everyone who feels out of ‘oomph’, may I offer you some ZING! to keep you going 🙂

ZING! is a newish tradition in my family – whichever member is doing the zinging on the member who is worn out, gently but rapidly pokes the person with extended fore-fingers, saying “ZING!” in a really excited voice each time they make contact and smiling at said tired person and continuing to ZING! until the tired person smiles and feels somewhat revitalised by the care and love and attention.


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