Dear The System

I’m sure you think you’re doing good things by ensuring that anyone who needs to ask for some help from you due to incapacitating health problems which prevent them from working doesn’t have anyone else supporting them on the sly (so scamming you of money which you would otherwise obviously put to good use building new cardiac units, ensuring that the country isn’t embarrassed by the huge numbers of children living below the poverty line and protecting the school playgrounds our children need), but really, there is a limit.

Okay, I understand how self-betterment doesn’t matter to you (after all, you are only concerned with the current economy, regardless of the fact that better training in something I can do something with might make me a happier and more effective future contributer to said economy) so as a full-time mature student I totally get that you refuse to support me financially in any way, shape or form (except by letting me off council tax, which I suppose is rather a help, so thanks for that).

BUT, when my husband is trying to seek support from you (a system to which he has contributed in the past and never asked anything of before), WHY do you insist that I need to be investigated? Because I’m self-employed? Because I’m trying to earn by the book rather than taking cash-in-hand jobs and flying under your radar? Because I’m operating legally so that you can see by my tax return that I have earned thousands under the taxable threshold?

Why THEN, dear ass-backwards System, do you feel it so neccessary to make life difficult for those trying to abide by your inconvenient foibles?

I just hope that when you realise that since April 5 I’ve earned less than £1000 (let’s work that out – 4 months; 21 weeks; approximately £9.52 a day in a 5 day week- call it a usual 7 hour working day – £1.36 an hour) you will understand that he’s not trying to pull the wool over your eyes and take your money without cause, but genuinely needs it because in spite of everything, his student wife is unable to support her husband financially.

The vows go to richer and poorer, thankfully, but let’s not make it too tough for the poor chap.

Still, if you continue to fob us off, System, then we can write to our MP (for all the good it might do us) and describe how the worrying need to make the choice between heating and food is setting up camp in the ‘affluent’ south.

Yours sincerely

Disenchanted of Hampshire.

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