Dream on

Amazing things, dreams; so common yet each utterly unique.

Some believe that dreams can reveal much about a person’s character. Others believe they’re totally random. Some dream in colour, others in black and white. Some are participant in their dreams; others watch their dreams play out from an audience viewpoint.

I happen to think that dreams are a result of your brain de-fragging and getting rid of all the junk information its picked up throughout the day. I also believe that dreams can be affected by your emotional state (when I have been anxious I’ve sometimes dreamed about being chased), that they can sometimes be affected by simultaneous events (dreaming about toilets when you need a wee, or that your teeth are crumbling as you grind them in your sleep) but that most often they reflect something of everyday life which has occurred around us – something we’ve seen, heard or read which has struck us and captured a part of our mind then being replayed in a different manner as we explore the concept.

One of the traditions my husband and I have developed is to tell each other our dreams (when we remember to). His are often concerned with his daily activities but taken to the nth degree. Mine tend to be really, really strange and highly detailed.

I do enjoy dreaming though (most of the time) and love that my brain creates such bizzare stories and events for me to dip into whilst asleep. They are always colourful and usually leave me wondering “Where did that come from?”

We owe some wonderful art and music to the inspiration of dreams. Known as hypnagoic imagery, it is that stage between asleep and awake (as described by Peter Pan) where amazing things can happen.

A tip though – don’t bother with publications on dream interpretation. People are so different and their experiences so varied it seems daft to spend out on something which attempts to ignore their diversity and place a ‘one size fits all’ answer on dreams. The best advice I’ve ever had about trying to work out what my dreams mean is ‘what does it mean to you?’. If you have an odd dream and you ask yourself this, it is often the case that more sense will be made than by looking for answers from someone who doesn’t know you, doesn’t know your life. And on the odd occasion, you may just have a totally strange, disordered dream which makes no sense. That’s ok too.

I hope you (mostly) enjoy your dreams and that you keep on having them đŸ™‚

A few of my best remembered dreams

  • Not flying but bouncing in great big leaps around my neighbourhood
  • Reading books and actually seeing the text, then as I fall deeper asleep, the spellings begin to change into nonsense but I still understand the words (this is a weird kind of dream because I can consciously tell when I am falling asleep, meanwhile being immersed in the dream)
  • Being able to run really fast on all fours
  • Being invited backstage to watch ‘Stars in Their Eyes’; the stage was tiny and there was no audience in the studio (though I could hear clapping and cheering). The first act was a singing grey dog who had to put his head through a trapdoor in the stage because it was so small. I wanted the dog to win but the prize was taken by a shoebox full of cheerleading tropical fish (I only saw the back of the shoebox but I knew they were in there)
  • Being other people
  • Holding a ball at my mansion and opening the doors to the great hall only for a HUGE flock of flamingoes to stampede in. I escaped through a tiny door at the top of the hall but the flamingoes crowded each other and one got hurt so I took it with me. I ran through the corridors of the mansion being chased by a large wolf. I locked doors behind me as I ran but it could open them from the other side. Having escaped to outside I ran towards a mechanic’s garage, using the flamingo as a weapon to swing at the wolf. At the garage I picked up a petrol pump, started pumping and lit it on fire to burn the wolf up. Then as the flames arc across the gardens I could see that in the car park, all my guests were milling around in their fine clothes and there were some giant pink elephant/baby hybrid things wandering around.

What dreams do you remember?

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