I suppose most many blogs begin with an introspective walkthrough by the author as to why they’ve felt the need in their life to bare their soul to the internet for all and sundry to inspect. So I thought I’d begin this blog instead with a few thoughts on the disgusting ‘supermarket’ style approach of telling the people what they want and then giving it to them.

It’s frustrating (and that’s just to begin with) when you really want to try something and are absolutely thwarted by organisations telling you ‘no’, or, actually, not even bothering to tell you but leaving a machine to do it for you (and charging you for the phonecall) or ignoring you completely.

For instance, lately I had this fantastic idea about beginning a commune. ‘Course, communes are for people who can afford somewhere to hold one. And all the people I know who would be interested in joining my endeavour are (for whatever reason) poor. And many have joined the increasing numbers populating the UK benefits system. So there I thought it may end…but do not lose hope, I thought, for there is a system in my city whereby those of no other means can bid on a council owned property to rent using a points system (these being allocated according to the council’s interpretation of their needs). The answer seemed obvious – to get a few of us in the system to club our points together to collectively achieve more than any one could on their own, and to save the council time and money into the bargain trying to house three or four separate individuals.

I took my wonderful idea to the local housing office and tenatively asked the jaded looking lady behind the counter whether or not it was possible for a group to pool their points. The look she gave me was worthy of  Sheldon Cooper (derisive, exasperated and mildly amused by my naiivety). So much for that idea then.

Websites like are beginning to garner a lot of interest from those who fervently hope to be paid attention to with specific regard for some burning issue or another (though I daresay if you speak to many of them, they already feel those hopes are somewhat futile). I would like to nurture the idea that each person has the right to be acknowledged. In fact, let’s take a step back from that. I’d love to nurture the idea that each person feels they have the right to be acknowledged. That somewhere, some official person involved in whatever area it is, will pay them the time of day. Unfortunately I am left with the feeling that they probably wouldn’t be paid enough to find it constituted part of their job description.

Such an interesting position we find ourselves in; censored or prevented from doing as we please (within the bounds of the law) simply because to someone, somewhere, it does not profit them to allow us the means.

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